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Apple has just “deathed” a product line that both designers and gamers have been waiting for?

# **Apple has just “killed” a product line that both designers and gamers have been waiting for?** **This information was released by display industry analyst Ross Young.** In While many customers are expecting Apple to launch a 27-inch display with mini LED panels and ProMotion technology for more vivid images and more accurate colors, it seems that the company is in no hurry in this area. Display industry analyst Ross Young said that Apple has postponed plans to announce new screens. There’s still no clear answer to Apple’s discontinuation of new displays – but it should be noted that there have been rumors recently that the company has experienced problems during the research and development phase. Mr. Young added that Apple has ordered some shipments of display panels in 2022 – reinforcing the credibility of previous rumors that the company had planned to launch new screens by the end of the year. 2022. But after Q1 2023 was passed, we still haven’t seen any new products appear. ## **What’s going on with Apple monitors?** Pro Display XDR – 32 inch, 6K display released in 2019 seems to be an experiment by Apple to see how much money it can withdraw from wallets of difficult customers. Except for the hefty price tag of $4,999 for the monitor and another $999 for the tilt-adjustable stand – all that’s left of the Pro Display XDR – 32-inch, 6K can keep those in work coveted creativity. But for many in the aforementioned field, there are still decent alternatives available for less than half the cost. In 2022, the Display Studio – 27-inch, 5K monitor was launched by Apple along with the new Mac Studio. This “27-inch beauty” has a much more reasonable price tag of $1,599 and features useful not only for creative work, but also suitable for gaming platforms. After the success of Display Studio – 27-inch, 5K, many had hoped that Apple would be more likely to introduce a successor. But perhaps manufacturing problems — coupled with consumer spending restrictions globally — may have led Apple to decide that the opportunity wasn’t attractive enough to invest in. And perhaps with the current quiet PC (personal computer) and laptop market context, the question of when the “dream screen” – of both designers and gamers – is announced by Apple will is still an open question.



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