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Apple increases the price of iPhone and iPad battery replacement by 10 – 30% in Vietnam

# **Apple increased the price of battery replacement by 10 – 30% in Vietnam** **Since March, Apple has increased the price of battery replacement by 10 – 30% for devices such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook without with warranty.** Apple Authorized Service Centers (AASP) indicate that the new battery replacement rates for Apple devices that are out of warranty have been applied in Vietnam. Currently, the price of iPhone batteries from iPhone X to iPhone 13 series has increased by 10% compared to the previous one. For batteries of older iPhone models from iPhone 6S to iPhone 8 Plus, the price of battery replacement increases by up to 30%. Similarly, the cost of replacing the battery of MacBook, Apple Watch and iPad also increased by 15-30% depending on the model. Particularly, the battery of the iPhone 14 series still retains the old replacement price. Previously, in January, many forecasts about Apple’s increase in battery replacement costs for devices out of warranty from March 1 were made. The current service fee for batteries outside of the current warranty will apply until the end of February. Apple has also specifically announced that the cost of replacing batteries for out-of-warranty devices will increase by $20 for next-generation iPhone models. old (before iPhone 14) on the customer support page. Apple will apply 2 prices for iPhone battery replacement. Specifically, the battery replacement price for iPhone models equipped with Face ID – from iPhone X and above will be $ 89, and the battery replacement price of iPhone models equipped with Touch ID will be $ 69. The price to replace the old batteries of these two groups of devices is $69 and $49, respectively. For the iPhone 14 series, the battery replacement cost will be $99. With older iPhone models such as iPhone 5 and 5C, the battery replacement price remains the same at $49. Besides, the price of replacing the iPad battery also increased by 20 USD, from 99 USD to 119 USD. This new battery replacement cost applies to the entire iPad Air product line, iPad mini, and some iPad Pro models. For iPad Pro using M2 chip, battery replacement costs are $149 (11-inch screen) and $179 (12.9-inch screen) respectively. The battery price increase policy is also applied by Apple to MacBooks, adding 30-50 USD depending on the model. In which, the price to replace the MacBook Air battery is $159, up $30 and the replacement price for a MacBook Pro battery is $249, an increase of $50. The adjustment for battery replacement costs on Apple products applies to all of its markets. However, the detailed battery replacement price for each product will vary from country to country. Users with AppleCare and AppleCare+ will receive a free battery replacement when the maximum capacity is below 80%.



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