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Apple is about to launch a new “cute” Yellow iPhone 14

For years now, Apple has introduced a new color to its mid-cycle iPhone models, and the same goes for the iPhone 14.

This time around, a rumor posted on Weibo says Apple may be getting ready for a Gold iPhone 14 for release this spring. The rumor was posted by Setsuna Kazuo. A person who may not be famous, but shared by a fairly reliable Macotakara (Japan) site about Apple-related rumors, so there is reason to believe.

The report says that Apple will launch a Gold color option for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models. Last year, the company also released an Alpine Green color version of the iPhone 13 Pro. Marks the first time the iPhone Pro has received a mid-cycle update. It is still unclear if the company will add one. Other new colors for the Pro variant of the iPhone 14 series or not.

Since iPhones are often said to have poor sales mid-cycle. It’s only natural for Apple to try to attract new customers with a new color. Last year, the company bet on Green, while Purple was chosen for the iPhone 12 models in 2021. Before that, Apple released the Red (Product) model twice in the iPhone 7 cycle and 8. Before making it an option in the regular release schedule.

Yellow will be suitable for users who prefer novelty compared to current colors.

While Apple usually holds a spring event. It’s unclear if the company will do the same this year or if it will focus on press releases instead. Mixed reality glasses are said to be at WWDC. In contrast, spring is when the company could introduce new color iPhones: the rumored 15-inch MacBook Air, and the new Mac Pro.



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