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Apple is developing a scrolling iPhone

# **Apple is developing an iPhone with a scrolling screen** ## A new patent reveals a project that is being quietly worked on by Apple, a phone with a rollable screen. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has just announced the certification of a new Apple patent that could form the basis for the development of roll-screen electronic devices, including the iPhone. “An electronic device with a scrollable screen. The screen can change between a non-scrolling state – then the screen is flat – and a scrolling state with a portion rolled up for storage,” the document describes brightly. regime said. Besides, this type of screen will have 2 layers, including display panel and transparent protective sheet superimposed. The protective part is very special, containing “thin glass of the rollable part, making it easier to roll the screen”. As with foldable phones, the problem with the idea of ​​curling is how the screen works when it’s bent. Apple’s invention describes what is needed and how it is achieved. According to *Apple Insider*, this is not the first time that information has appeared about Apple developing a product of this type. In May, they were granted a patent related to “electronic devices with flexible structural displays”. The drawing depicts a rollable model, allowing the user to drag the two ends to expand the screen. In fact, since 2015 there has been information about Apple researching the use of shrinkable screens. It’s impossible to say Apple will be planning to launch a scrolling iPhone in the near future. However, at least they are actively researching and testing this possibility. Meanwhile, rivals Samsung and LG have announced rollable display panels. Currently this component is used on TVs. Users can scroll the screen to view content, then the screen will retract when not in use.



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