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Apple launches Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad

## Compared to Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on Mac computers, the iPad version adds a new touch interface and some other features. Apple first launched the iPad Pro in 2015 and devoted a lot of attention to this tablet line. Recent versions are increasingly approaching its laptops, sharing the same chip for stronger performance. However, the company seems to be slow to bring professional apps to the iPad to take advantage of this power. That has some people concerned about whether “Apples” really wants the iPad to become a professional platform. However, Apple has finally reworked Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to work on the iPad, allowing “creators to unleash their creativity in new ways.” With the new tools and touch interface, the two apps will deliver the “ultimate mobile studio,” according to Bob Borchers, Vice President of Global Marketing. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro iPad versions are quite similar to the Mac versions, including the same basic design and functionality. Among the new features are a new audio browser on Logic Pro, tablet-specific options like Apple Pencil support. Customers must purchase Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro if they want to use it on an iPad, even if they purchased the desktop version. Each app costs $4.99/month or $49.99/year, for the first month’s free trial. Final Cut Pro for Mac costs $299.99, and Logic Pro costs $199.99. Both apps require advanced iPad configuration. Specifically, Final Cut Pro needs an M1 chip or newer, and Logic Pro needs an A12 Bionic chip or higher. Apple will release it on May 23. *(According to Independent)*



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