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Apple Maps has a decade-long awaited feature

# ️**Apple Maps has had its decade-long awaited feature** ## Since it was first introduced in 2012 to replace Google Maps as the default mapping service on iPhones, Apple Maps is now This is the new offline map feature. According to *Neowin*, in the announcement at the recent developer conference – WWDC 2023, Apple said that the company will add offline maps feature to Apple Maps with iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and watchOS 10 later this year. This feature allows users to select an area on the map and download it for their device. Users can then find places and use turn-by-turn navigation to drive, walk, transit, and cycle without Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. If you own one of the supported devices and want to try the offline maps feature, you can install the iOS 17 developer beta. Offline maps downloaded on iPhone can also be downloaded. used to navigate and view detailed location tags on Apple Watch. In this case, the iPhone must be within range of the Apple Watch. Offline maps is not a strange concept for iPhone users. Before that, they could use offline maps from rival apps like Google Maps. The main difference is that Apple Maps is a native feature on the device, meaning users don’t need to install a third-party app. In addition to offline maps, Apple Maps will be able to show real-time availability of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations sorted by plug type and charging network. Apple already offers a similar feature called EV Routing. The feature works through CarPlay and allows Apple Maps to track vehicle charging statistics and recommend routes including the nearest compatible charging station. Currently, this feature is only available on certain vehicle models.



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