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Apple may be cooking to release the first “mole” iPhone?

# **Apple may be cooking to release the first “mole” iPhone?** **Although “Dynamic Island – pill” on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is still something to bring breakthrough, but the iPhone with only 1 hole punched in the form of a “mole” is still what many users want.** The technology to hide the camera and other sensors under the screen to eliminate the punches has begun. is included in the phone with the specific example of which is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. In theory this technology is great. But so far, users still notice the difference in display quality in the screen where the camera and sensors are located. That’s why Apple isn’t in a hurry in this race. It should be noted that in the past the computing giant has shown us that it is not shy to embark on a mission of “doing it best” rather than “doing it first”. Since the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Apple thinks it’s best to redesign the iPhone’s unsightly “notch – notch” hole with the “Dynamic Island – pill”. “Dynamic Island” intelligently wraps the camera and sensor and turns it into an interactive control center. The “pill” is a pretty neat solution to the “rabbit ears,” but it could be just the first step before Apple gets rid of this imperfection entirely. According to some sources, they are said to be planning for that – but according to the latest rumors, we may have to wait quite a while. It’s a breakthrough change that can be on… iPhone 17. As predicted by technology analyst Ross Young, who owns a technology supply chain development analytics and reporting company, there is a roadmap that shows that Apple is still focusing on screen development. In addition to the expectations of the “ProMotion” 120Hz OLED screen appearing on the iPhone 17, Mr. Ross Young’s prediction shows that “Dynamic Island” still exists from the basic model to the Pro. However, there is one final prototype – what is said to be the iPhone 17 Pro Max – that will hide the Face ID sensors below the screen. And this design screen will only have a “mole” hole. This “mole” will remain at least until 2027, which is until the iPhone 19 arrives – and then disappear on all versions of this phone line. Mr. Ross Young noted that this roadmap is 1 year behind Apple’s original plan (ie the first “mole” iPhone in the iPhone 16 series). That’s because Apple wants more time to perfect the technology and make sure it meets the company’s high standards. Apple is clearly lagging behind its competitors in this area, but as we’ve seen with other innovations, the mainstream appeal of the iPhone is largely unaffected as long as the product continues to grow. The rating is better than any previous product.



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