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Apple partners confirm the design of the iPhone 15 Pro keypress

## iPhone 15 Pro does not use haptic feedback technology for the power and volume up and down keys, but adds an Action button to replace the old switch. Rumors of the iPhone 15 Pro ditching the physical button have appeared a lot recently, but according to Cirrus Logic, an Apple supplier, this plan has been canceled. The company did not specifically confirm due to confidentiality agreement with “Apple” but this was disclosed in the letter to shareholders. “A new product that we mentioned in previous letters that was scheduled to be introduced this fall will no longer be released to the market as planned,” Cirrus Logic said in a statement. The product in question is HPMS (High-Performance, Mixed-Signal) a component related to the tactile vibrator for the Taptic Engine on the iPhone. If the iPhone 15 Pro has haptic feedback buttons, this will be an important new component added to the assembly line. Earlier this year, Cirrus Logic hinted to shareholders that the company was a supplier of this important component to Apple. “Apple” is also Cirrus Logic’s biggest customer, accounting for 78% of its revenue in fiscal 2022. According to analyst Ming-chi Kuo, the iPhone 15 Pro doesn’t have solid-state buttons due to “technical problems” unresolved before mass production”. The change in Apple’s plans was also confirmed by two technology analysts Jeff Pu and Shelly Chou. In a report by Haitong International Securities in early April, both said that the button with haptic feedback will only be integrated from the next 16-year iPhone. Although the volume and power buttons are still the usual type, the new iPhone will still launch with an Action key design to replace the old silent mode toggle. This key works similar to the Watch Ultra, which can customize the tasks to suit the different needs of the user. Apple is expected to announce (iPhone 15)( in September. Notable upgrades include titanium frame, USB-C port, A17 Bionic chip , thinner screen bezels, faster Wi-Fi 6E, increased RAM.



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