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Apple releases support apps in Vietnam

# **Apple releases support application in Vietnam** **In addition to the changed interface, the new version of Apple Support application supports Vietnamese language.** Apple Support, the application supports the following sales for Apple devices updated on May 16. Besides the new interface, this application is officially released in Vietnam with Vietnamese language. With Apple Support, users can check device health including warranty period, battery life, manage paid services, or reset password for Apple ID through the **Support** tab. If the device encounters an error, users can select the problem type for Apple Support to provide the appropriate solution. Issues are detailed into categories such as physical damage, performance, subscription service, forgotten password, device recovery, and more. After selecting the problem type, Apple Support will list common failures. variable to choose from. In most cases, the application will suggest making an appointment for the operator to assist, or bring it to an authorized service center. In addition to hardware products, Apple Support also supports the basics when using accessories or services such as Apple ID, iCloud+, Apple One… In the new interface, users can switch to the ** tab. Location** on the home screen to find the nearest authorized service center. At each service center, the application will display the necessary information such as address, phone number, equipment receiving warranty and available appointment schedule. Support/warranty requests for the last 3 months will be displayed in the **Activities** tab. Along with the Vietnamese language, Apple said that this application is supporting a total of 174 regions with 32 different languages. The app is available for free on the App Store. Earlier on the morning of May 12, Apple announced the launch of an online store for the Vietnamese market from May 18. This online store will distribute a full range of Apple devices with Vietnamese interface.



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