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Apple tested pink and purple AirPods

# **Apple used to test pink and purple AirPods** **Apple created 5 different color AirPods charging box prototype versions to match the iPhone 7. However, they ended up selling only the product. white product.** On May 30, collector Kosutami shared an image of the first-generation AirPods case in pink. This device has a glossy finish like the official version, the inside and 2 headphones are also white. The design prototype dates from the time of iPhone 7 development. According to the expert of Apple’s rare product collector, besides white, the company has tested AirPods in black, yellow, pink, red, suitable for iPhone color options at the time. However, because the AirPods case is made of polycarbonate, not aluminum like the iPhone, Apple gave these versions a slightly different name, including “Blonde” and “Pink” instead of “Gold” and “Rose Gold” to distinguish finishing materials. According to *Macrumors*, Apple has also developed a purple AirPods prototype to match the never-announced purple iPhone 7 version. Purple was one of the rumored color options for the iPhone 7 in 2016 with a series of leaked images that first surfaced in May of that year. Finally, Apple canceled AirPods color options at the design validation testing (DVT) or production validation testing (PVT) stages, keeping only the white version. The decision was made quite late. Over the years, many people expected AirPods to have different colors, but Apple only sold the white version. Currently, AirPods Max is the only AirPods that are offered in multiple color options, including silver, gray, pink, green and blue.



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