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Apple Vision Pro glasses become an internet joke

Was the most attractive device at WWDC 2023, but the large design and high price make Apple glasses a new photo manipulation topic on social networks. After 7 years since the launch of the Apple Watch and AirPods, the new iPhone maker announced a whole new product line of mixed reality glasses. However, the selling price of up to 3,499 USD (82 million VND) makes Vision Pro the focus of the image. One of the content that is widely spread on social networks is that Apple glasses are 2.5 times more expensive than Honda’s Vision motorcycle. Vision Pro user reaction after seeing the price of the product. Apple’s glasses are 10 times more expensive than Meta’s Meta Quest 2 model. The design of Vision Pro is also compared with many different items. One Twitter user said he just found a prototype of Apple’s first augmented reality glasses on Amazon. This is actually a swimming goggles. Milena, a popular Portuguese podcast host, thinks that for $3,499, users can transform themselves into characters from the famous *Bairro do Limoeiro* cartoon. This tweet attracted nearly 45k likes after almost a day. Some people say the Apple glasses are quite similar to the glasses of Lequetreque chicken – the friendly and clumsy mascot of the famous Sadia brand of smoked chicken in the West since 1971. Another meme inspired by the movie *Squid Game* . The male lead wondered that if he had enough money to own Apple glasses, the player would have reached the level of financial freedom, no need to join the squid game to make money. In the 90s of the last century, children were often forbidden to sit too close to the TV for fear of the screen damaging their eyes. But so far, users wear the screen to their face. Visualize Mark Zuckerberg’s reaction to Apple’s Vision Pro launch event. Many people think that CEO Meta has invested tens of billions of dollars in metaverse and virtual reality glasses, but in the end, the praise goes to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Vision Pro is also likened to an upgrade of Meta Quest Pro.



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