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Apple Watch interface is about to have a big change

## **The rumored watchOS 10 feature allows Apple Watch users to update important information without having to spend time activating the app.** In the Power On news on *Bloomberg*, reporter Mark Gurman said watchOS 10 will have a major change in the interface, focusing on widgets. According to Gurman, the widget on watchOS 10 has many similarities with the Siri watch face, similar to the widget stack on iPhone and iPad, with the ability to integrate multiple widgets into one area. “Apple’s plan is to let users scroll through various widgets to update their workouts, weather, stocks, appointments, and more instead of having to turn on the app,” Gurman wrote. The user can view the widget on any watch face. Apple also plans to change the function of the Digital Crown. On watchOS 9, tapping the Digital Crown returns to the home screen. With watchOS 10, Apple is experimenting with turning on widgets when the knob is pressed. The information update screen that appeared on the first-generation Apple Watch as Glances, can be activated by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Information is provided in Glances such as weather, heart rate, battery life and notifications from third-party apps. However, this feature has been removed in subsequent watchOS releases. According to Gurman, the addition of widgets on watchOS 10 could attract developers to release apps for the Apple Watch. Despite being released for more than 7 years, Apple’s smartwatch app store records less than 1 million monthly users in Europe, compared with 101 million on the iPhone. watchOS 10 will be introduced at the annual developer conference (WWDC 2023) on June 5-9. Traditionally, WWDC is the place to introduce new operating system versions. In addition to watchOS 10, Apple will release iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, and macOS 14. Once released, the operating system will be tested by developers and users before its official release in the fall along with watchOS 10. Apple Watch series 2023.



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