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Apple will join the race initiated by ChatGPT

## **Siri can be artificial intelligence application by Apple to enhance user experience.** Apple has paid attention to the development of (ChatGPT)( /chagpt-c55e7117.html), Google Bard and other artificial intelligence tools. Until May, the company posted 28 new jobs in the field of AI, gradually confirming the plan that (Apple)( is ready invest heavily in this technology. AI has appeared inside many Apple products. From searching for photos on demand to recognizing Siri voice commands, many AI-assisted actions have resulted in a richer user experience. However, according to Techradar, Apple seems to want to take technology to a new level. Recent reports show that Apple knows that it is lagging behind OpenAI, Microsoft and Google in the AI ​​race. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, calls recent advances in general AI “very exciting”. However, he said the company would be “considered and prudent” in its approach to technology. Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that Apple is “losing the AI ​​race” to competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft, especially the stagnation of the virtual assistant Siri. Meanwhile, Apple’s augmented reality headset development team is said to be very disappointed with Siri and is considering building alternative methods. Of course, this does not mean that Siri is completely ignored. In version (iOS)( 17, Apple is expected to bring a number of improvements to its virtual assistant, with the ability to added artificial intelligence to make this feature less “boring”. In just the first 3 weeks of May, Apple posted 28 new jobs related to AI technology when looking for senior engineers, research scientists, special project managers,… View Into the big picture, the company said it expects generalized AI to “transform Apple’s mobile computing platforms.” According to VOV, the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 6 months ago has sparked the race in the AI ​​technology industry between major technology companies in the world to develop and deploy tools that can create content. Attractive content and images meet user requirements. Most recently OpenAI launched a free ChatGPT app for iOS, which is also the first official smartphone app for the viral language model for users in the US and will soon expand to other countries. other countries in the near future. The ChatGPT iPhone app allows users to log in to their accounts, perform tasks like chat or access history in an ad-free environment. All user questions will be answered instantly by ChatGPT through GPT 3.5 or converted to GPT-4 through ChatGPT Plus account to use new advanced features.



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