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Apple will let Samsung and Google know what a folding screen smartphone is

## **The market for foldable phones has grown rapidly in the past two years, but they still haven’t solved the problem of wrinkles on them, which flat screens don’t have.** There, mobile phone brands have been trying to find an answer to the problem of folds for a while. Not only businesses operating in the field of folding smartphones like (Samsung)( and Google but also a company is researching and developing phones Fold like Apple also focus on research. This is reflected in a patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where Apple has been granted a patent for a folding phone with an emphasis on self-healing. fold recovery. The patent content shows that Apple is working on a new method for wrinkles to heal on their own using heat, light, electric current or other external factors. With this technology, the risk of accidental damage to the folding screen is greatly reduced. Apple expects a hinged device in the future, and the idea of ​​a hinged device is also interesting. Using this design that will allow the device to fold over the hinge, users can get more screen space in a single device. Gadgets can be carried more easily using the flexible display cover on the hinge, which is located between the first and second hardware components of the display cover. Apple also intends to add a layer of self-healing technology to the display case to enhance the look and feel of modern devices, while reducing the risk of scratches and dents. The self-healing fabric layer can be created over the entire screen overlay or only in its flexible areas. To improve flexibility, screen coatings can have an elastic layer in their flexible area, ensuring they can heal themselves when exposed to external factors such as heat, light, and electric currents.



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