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Apple’s Airpods wireless headset is about to have a breakthrough change, worth every penny?

## The information is said to come from a recently leaked Apple patent. Specifically, a smart AirPods charging case with a touch screen may have leaked. This design is considered to allow for a more intuitive user experience – as there is no longer a need for a phone, tablet or smartwatch to view notifications, manipulate music and even play a game. game number. The document also shows us the display located on the front of the charging case, used in many applications as an audio data output, and when paired with an Apple TV, it can be used to watch videos. Other possible apps include weather, radio, audiobooks, and Apple Maps, which would come in handy when traveling. According to Patently Apple, it is worth noting that the pink annotations in the documents represent how the virtual assistant Siri communicates with users about a certain application or service. In addition, if the user exerts force by squeezing the charging case, the sound mode on Apple TV+ content may change. It is still not clear whether the above smart charging box can be applied by Apple or on which Airpods. However, it should be noted that many of their patents have been leaked but have not been applied to commercial products.



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