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Apple’s surprise victory over Microsoft

# **Apple’s surprise victory over Microsoft** **Safari surprised when it surpassed Windows’ default Microsoft Edge browser, in the context of this operating system’s overwhelming market share, plus strong attraction Powered by Bing AI.** Last year, after Internet Explorer was completely abandoned, Microsoft Edge overtook Safari to become the world’s 2nd most popular desktop web browser. Now, data from *Statcount* shows that Apple’s browser has regained this position. The full ranking shows that Google Chrome remains the most used browser, although some influential figures in the tech world urge users to switch to Safari or Microsoft Edge. Specifically, Google Chrome overwhelms the desktop web browser market with a share of 66.13%. Safari took second place but only got 11.87%, less than 1 percentage point higher than Microsoft Edge (11%). The remaining positions in the leading group belong to Firefox (5.65%), Opera (3.09%) and Internet Explorer (0.55%) respectively. Windows users are larger than Apple’s Macs. This growth proves that many Mac users are returning to Safari. According to *BGR*, it shows that they are gradually getting used to the new interface, in addition to the features that have just been added in the version included with macOS Ventura, such as Shared Tab groups, improved CSS, Passkey, and notifications from web. After Firefox almost overtook Safari in February 2022, the browser gradually lost market share to rivals. Edge itself also has a certain growth. Partly thanks to the attraction of the new Bing AI engine, which only works on Edge. Even Google Chrome lost a small number of users, the market share decreased from 66.64% in April 2022 to 66.13% now. With WWDC 2023 approaching, users have more reasons to stick with Safari. The constant competition often pushes developers to come up with new features. With Microsoft betting on an AI-powered search engine, Apple still has a lot to do to maintain its No.



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