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Because the two of them have so much in common, I only focus on **BIGEST DIFFERENCE** to make a judgment! ## **first. TOKENOMIC: 1 – 0** **Aptos:** **The dev team holds more than 50%** tokenomic ((41% for Aptos Foundation (community tokenomic management) and 10% for Aptos Labs)) **Sui: Team dev holds more than 70% **(Mysten labs 10%, SUI early contributor 20% and Sui Foundation 50% ((Community’s tokenomic manager)) => Team Dev 2 projects both hold too many tokenomics, especially Sui ## **2. INFLATION: 1 – 1** **Aptos:** * **Burn:** Gas ​​fee about: 0.001 APT => Total transaction in 6 months of APT is 154,352,086 => Number of APT burned in 1 year is: 154,352 x2 = (**0.03%**) * **Release: **The number of Aptos minted in 6 months is 38,172,340 => 1 year about 38172340 * 2 = 76,344.680 (**7 .6%**) 1 year **=> APTOS inflation: 7.3%** **Sui:** * **Burn:** Gas ​​fee approx: 0.1 SUI => Total transaction/ 2 months: 12,000,000 = > Amount of SUI to burn/year = ((1,200,000 *6 (month) / 10 billion (total supply) = (**0.072%**)) * **Release: 7%/**year **=> Inflation APTOS: 6.2%** Sui also has some other Usecases to burn coins => Although Sui is less inflationary than Aptos, it is still not denied that both projects have quite high inflation ## **3. TECHNOLOGY: TAKE 1 -1** **Aptos: **AptosBFT * Strengths: instant execution, power saving, reaching **160,000 TPS (number given by the team)**, much stronger than the old Blockchains * Weaknesses: if the number of nodes is occupied by 1/3, the transaction will be hijacked by hackers **Sui:** Narwhal-Tusk, DAG * Strengths: only need (2/3 validator) ), parallel consensus, reached **160,000 TPS (number given by the team)** * Weakness: uncountable tx order => Both projects learned from old technologies, given More advanced technology ## **4. ECOSYSTEM: 2 – 1** Looking at the picture, you can see who is better I don’t say much about this part ## **5. MARKETING: 3 – 1** **Aptos: **Thanks to the massive Airdrop, Aptos became **the “selected” project **strong pump despite the bleak market, reaching a Market Cap of $2 billion **Unlucky: Xui **says it can be done, famous for not Airdropping at all so not too many fomo people use it **Heard that Sui team is planning to Airdrop through Gamefi. Hope Sui will run out of Sui =)))* ## **6. MARKETCAP: 3 – 2** **Aptos** currently has a Marketcap of about $1.4 billion => Ecosystem + trading volume is not significant, even surpassing some old Layer 1 => **Aptos** Currently having **Cap exceeds real value, buying now is hard xx big** **Sui **about 400 million dollars => Cap **suitable SUI** **easy xx account** ## ** 7. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS** This section, I would like to not grade this part because not every ptkt is correct =))) **Aptos:** 4-5 months ago, I had a long-term analysis of Aptos from around 20$. about **2.6$**, until now I still hold this opinion. However, I still divide into 2 cases: * **TH1: **If BTC hits 33k and collapses deeper than 25k, we will collect APT in **2.6 -2.9,** **capitalize **at This is about **500-600 million** * **TH2: **If BTC doesn’t crash too deep, the area** 4.6 – 5$ **will be quite nice for those who love this token **Sui: ** Sui does not have enough data for long-term analysis, but Sui is still in a bearish bracket. We will wait for Sui to fall back to **5.5$ to see if the reaction breaks through here** * **TH1:** If there is a sign of **collecting** gradually in the price range of 5.3 – 5.5$, You guys should act later * **TH2:** And** if you don’t collect the goods**, then wait again, I will update after there is a sign =============== ======================== There are some other factors, guys **see more in the video below in the comments** (please allow me to add the link) comment below )

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