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In addition to creating an Airdrop effect for market participants, what other impact does this Airdrop event have on the Crypto market? ————————————- ***$ARB Airdrop*** Event Airdrop Times This release of $ARB has brought to the market a new inflow of money worth more than $1B. With such value, the event is considered one of the largest Airdrop events in history. ***So how does it affect the Crypto market?*** ***New Cashflow*** In this article, we will re-study the major Airdrop events in history. and their impact on the market at that time. ***$UNI Airdrop (Picture 1)*** For those who used to participate in the market in the years*** ***2020, it will not be too strange to this Airdrop event. At that point, the value of each Airdrop wallet would be somewhere around $1500, a relatively large number at the time. (BTC at the time was only $10K). With 150M $UNI allocated, the value of the Airdrop at that time was estimated to be around $600M, equivalent to a $600M inflow into the market. And this Airdrop event accidentally marks the beginning of the term called “DeFi Summer 2020”. 70 days after the Airdrop event, $BTC saw a 90% increase to the 2017 ATH mark. ***$OP Airdrop (Picture 2)*** This event is a bit special compared to the market context with 2 events. The same Airdrop event is mentioned. With 5% of the total supply being Airdropped in May 2022, the value of the entire Airdrop is around $300M. However, at this time, the market has just experienced the “Terra – LUNA” shock, so the market did not have a positive reaction. Even then, a few days later, the stETH depeg event dragged the market to a record low, BTC seeing a 37% drop since the $OP Airdrop. ***$APT Airdrop (Picture 3)*** If you have joined the market recently, you must have been surprised by the $APT Airdrop event because of its “easy”. The value of each Airdrop wallet will range from $800 – $1000. With 20M $APT allocated, the value of this Airdrop is around $150M. This airdrop brought a temporary positivity to the market before experiencing the “FTX crash”. At that point, $BTC is up 14% in just 18 days. *So with this $ARB Airdrop event, how will the market react?*

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