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#ARBITRUM is so hot, many brothers have analyzed it. Now, I will analyze more, maybe it will coincide with some other ideas, but it may also help you to learn about this project in less time. Any analysis file you need to get, just inbox me, because it’s a bit heavy, I don’t upload it here. 1/ Array: Layer 2 on Ethereum. 2/ Trend: This can be a long-term trend because Arbitrum’s ecosystem is very large, the dapps inside work smoothly and a lot of people are interested, there are many small projects in it, beautiful web. **Although there are many projects inside the Arbitrum ecosystem, Arbitrum is being permissive in censorship, leading to more scams in internal projects than in the Op system.** 3/ Current opponent OP: Mcap 820 million. This is also a project of great interest and is the main rival of Arbitrum, but the current ecosystem does not have as much to experience as Arbitrum. The advantage of OP is that the Mcap is still low, the growth rate is still high; Mcap/TVL: 0.83 (still low); Another famous laser 2 project is MATIC: cap 1.5 billion. Although there is a ZK EVM coming soon but this is still an old project, the fish team pumped the dump to eat all the cmnr, now it will be difficult for the MM team to put money back in, they can make a new project easy to make money than; Mcap/TVL: 9.79 (too high). 4/ Price to buy seed, private: Seed: 0.005; Private: 0.12 5/ Backer Off chain labs, Polychain capital; Pantera capital; Light speed, Mark Cuban… (The advantage is that there are many well-known investors involved, the disadvantage is that there are too many investors, so it is a bit difficult to agree on the pump dump (*this is what I think – it’s like investing in investment). An area where there are too many opinions, it is difficult to close)* In which, Mark Cuban is very famous in the crypto world.The investment taste of the backers here is medium and long term, they focus on investing in the ecosystem. So, this project can go the long way 6/ Seed funding: 3.7 million; Serie A: 20 million, Serie B: 100 million. Total is 123.7 million USD. Labs calls in which there is an agreement that Light Speed ​​venture will lead the funds 7/ Token launch time: 23/03/2023. 8/ TVL fundamentals $1.97 billion; 24h volume: ; Mcap/TVL (*not updated).* 9/ Huge Fomo community, twitter, discord… active social networking platforms, not a virtual follower 10/ Website Website website does not have malware, attached images , Very high daily and monthly web traffic, visitor time at w eb is relatively long, proving that the ecosystem has a lot to experience. When accessing the web, the most visitors and bridges: **** People can research and earn profit here. 11/ Team: Prominent is Mr. ED FELTEN Co-Founder & Chief Scientist – he used to be in a senior position in the Obama administration so he can be reputable. The remaining two men in the team did not see anything outstanding. 12/ Contract: Contract has been audited, rest assured this part, don’t worry about scam. 13/ User: Arbitrum is fomo and accessed mainly from the US, Vietnam, Canada, India, Taiwan (not seeing the Chinese people fomo this project is a bit strange). 14/ Note: The concern is that there is no max supply, this issue should be taken care of even though the project reports maximum inflation of 2%/year. Maybe a few years later there will be an announcement that something changes. 15/ Inflation rate: the project informs about inflation up to 2%/year. We take this maximum to calculate each month, specifically, each month, the amount of tokens in circulation will add 16,666,000 tokens. **16/ Project logo: It’s also a bit surprising that the project logo is taken from stock, not own design.** **17/ Arbitrum foundation: Equally surprising is that Arbitrum foundation was established in Cayman , this is the tax haven of global corporations.** **18/ Prediction (hold muzzle) 😀 Prediction at the time of token release, the price will list the floor from 0.5 – 1.5$. Depending on the fomo of the community, there will be long and short candlesticks.** **This is a project we can hold in the medium and long term because the style of the investors in this project is to invest in the ecosystem. . but vi OP is a relatively new project so it’s hard for us to compare. The Matic project can be compared** **For Matic, when the ATH is reached in December 2021, Mcap will reach about $25 billion, the peak of the uptrend period, then the circulating supply of Matic. Matic already accounts for 90% of the total supply.** **Based on that comparison, we can roughly apply it to Arbitrum, let’s say we invest at $0.50, let’s say timing The uptrend is mid 2025, then the circulating supply of ARB is about 8 billion tokens, then the price will be 3,375.** **That is x6.75 times the investment price of 0.5 at this time. This price is already x28 times the private price. This is just a guess, as the market in 2025 may be different from 2019,** ** The market Mcap will probably be much larger in 2019 so the xxx rate when investing in this project may be higher 6.75 times.** The above is some information according to my personal opinion, if you have any suggestions, please be gentle. #arbitrum #arbitrumairdop #ARB

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