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Arbitrum ecosystem receives positive signals from smart money

After the news of USDC deploying native token version on Arbitrum, a few smart money with large assets on the ecosystem have started to gather, specifically: * Arca received 1.4M ARB worth 1.6 million USD from 1 middle wallet. time (this fund before trade loss RDNT, h back to buy ARB). * Andrew Kang bought on dex 830K ARB worth $ 1 million (entry 1.2), the ARB was mortgaged with Radiant Capital to borrow a amount of USDC. * Then Kang used this USDC to continue to buy another 1.3 million RDNT on Odos (entry 0.29), and also received 2 million more RDNT from Binance -> a total of 3.3 million RDNT ($1.2 million) and became a whale 2nd largest of this token. Follow balance fluctuations of funds here Are you interested in the Arbitrum system or are you looking at something? this side?

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