Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Yesterday, Binance announced the 32nd Crypto Marketplace project on its Binance Launchpad – Arkham ($ARKM). However, with the launch of this project, the Crypto market has mixed comments. So, what is Arkham really? ————————– ***What is Arham?*** Arkham (or Arkham Intelligence) is an intelligent platform that provides information about the activities of different sectors participating in the crypto market, including individuals, institutions, investment funds & companies. Arkham can be used for the following purposes: * Find out specifically who owns anonymous wallet addresses. * Research and observe cash flows through on-chain data. * Portfolio tracking. ***Comment*** Whenever something happens in the market, they have two sides, good and bad. And so is this event surrounding Arkham. ***The good side for the Crypto market*** ***1. Reducing scams and scams in the Crypto market.*** With the creation of an open playing field for the entire community to participate, Arkham is even willing to offer a reward for finding and labeling some locations. Only certain wallets, this incident will cause more or less difficulties for those who intend to cheat in the future. Because these people themselves know, their every move can be exposed. ***2. The Crypto market direction is true to the nature*** The Crypto market in general and Blockchain technology in particular is famous for its transparency. Every address, every address, and everything involved is recorded. And Arkham will be one of the great tools to help users in the market, whether new or old, access this essence. ***The bad side of the Crypto market*** ***1.*** ***Manipulating the market for personal gain*** Surely everyone can’t forget the price movements of BTC because of Arkham’s recent “mislabeling”. Some individuals have actively mislabeled, and given false information in the market, causing the price of $BTC to fluctuate greatly within a very short time. This has happened twice, and who dares to say that it won’t happen a third time? ***2. Privacy of personal information*** Although Arkham currently only stops at labeling wallet addresses on the market, digging into the information to label those wallet addresses will, inadvertently, or intentionally, find the personal information of the person or organization really behind that wallet address. Is Arkham offering a reward for finding wallet addresses, and even creating a secondary market to trade such information, creating a malicious “Doxing-2-earn” movement *(hit) information theft) *in the market, which we strongly oppose in daily life?

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