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Have you won the Arkham Airdrop yet? Or still have a strong belief in this project. Let’s take a look at the actual figures in this Airdrop with TK Research. ———————————– *Source (home made): ( /tk-research/arkham)( vxd3jUUkBh6e_C8b-KwQnDjhGlRZ0GwLWGabwxwSNUgmiirjdHBogR2evHjbqUGlUE84oSWoaHMQ8o82ddG4CpUReSbt56i-CRbqmYrp0BM8E6ff&__tn__g= -U-UK-R&c(0)=AT0Oq8SWAKQSg0fBa1EDYWE9Er85vQQGdoztuTg_aFnZM8sTN6XNwb_J8ciVPO2pFpvMUCgc5qQJh0GZ1n-AGGSYHyBnAqEBHtWokcma4ccZOwnxOKy4cc j5ZCDzzRYmHAkrq93VuxsxVi-Mg)* *——————————– —* ***1.*** *** Arkham Airdrop Value*** According to estimated data, the value of this Airdrop of Arkham falls at $14.05M. A rather modest number compared to the recent airdrops of the Crypto market. *(ARB with a total value of up to $1B, or APT is also worth about $300M)* However, this is also relatively understandable because Arkham is just a project of the Social-Fi trend. Even, we only have access to the term “Social-Fi” through Binance’s Launchpad projects recently, but the tokens on the market have not had any reaction in terms of value. * **2. Notable wallets holding Arkham*** In addition to wallets owned by the Arkham team as well as general purpose wallets of the project, some names can be mentioned as follows. * *GSR Market Maker**: 8,999,704 ARKM ~~ $5.4M **Wintermute Trading**: 4,999,998 ARKM ~~ $3M ***3. Some exchanges hold ARKM*** Binance is the exchange that holds ARKM The largest with a balance of up to 90,789,720 ARKM ~~ $55M Then Bybit, Gate, Bitget, MEXC, the wallet balance of these exchanges is completely unable to match that of Binance, when their total ARKM is not yet available. floating 1/10 of the number of ARKM holdings So, we can see that the price of $ARKM will be largely dominated by Binance and Wintermute Trading.The early detection of these wallet addresses will give us a good idea. slight advantage in observing transactions related to these wallet addresses, thereby making reasonable investment decisions.

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