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Binance announced that it will open ARKM trading at 19:00 on July 18, 2023 Vietnam time. Let’s analyze with CPC Capital team to find out what this project is. **first. Fundamental Analysis** Token: **ARKM** Contract Address * Ethereum: **0x6E2a43be0B1d33b726f0CA3b8de60b3482b8b050** Market Cap: **$M ?** FDV: **$B?** Circulating Supply: **150M* * (accounting for 15% of total supply) Total Supply: **1B** **Catalyst** * Recently Binance announced Arkham as the 32nd project listed on Launchpad, this is also the first project listed on Binance in the field of Onchain Analytics after other projects such as Watchers Pro, Nansen, Debank… * Arkham raised more than **$10M** through 2 investment rounds at a valuation of **$150M**, along with the participation of funds and investors such as Tim Draper, Bedrock Capital, Wintermute Trading, GSR Market, Co-founders of Palantir and OpenAI. **Token valuation** * For Launchpad tokens during the current downtrend, the entry level that can be bought is around **$50-70M** market cap, the first wave after listing . * Since Arkham is the first token listed on the exchange in the field of ***Onchain Analytics*** and has released an airdrop to attract many users to the project, it is expected that $ARKM will have the first wave to the market. cap up to **$300-500M** (ie x5 to x7 vs $50-70M entry). ***Note for such tokens, we only invest according to the trend and cash flow. Limited long-term hold for projects of this type.*** ## 2. **Introduction** Arkham is a blockchain analytics platform built and combined with artificial intelligence to provide information information about the activities of individuals and institutions based on their transactions in the crypto market. Simply put, the Arkham platform will make it easy for us to track the onchain activities of buying and selling tokens of wallets or funds in crypto, from which we can track their actions and give our own insights. . All activities of investment funds and individuals in the blockchain take place transparently on onchain transactions, but these transactions will be confusing for users without experience. Therefore, Arkham built a system with a huge data store (labelling) to help readers easily understand the identity and operation of wallet addresses, and provide an intuitive and easy-to-see interface for users. Arkham has two main products, **Analytics Platform** and **Intel Exchange**. ***Analytics Platform*** is a place where users can easily view and track the actions of individuals, exchanges and investment funds thanks to the ***Ultra*** tool developed by Arkham , Ultra is a system that combines AI algorithms that allows data sources including on-chain and off-chain to be aggregated from many different sources and aggregated into a single source, ensuring completeness and the most exactly. Ultra will allow the Arkham platform to easily make blockchain transactions easy and intuitive for users thanks to a huge dataset of up to ***350 million*** identifiers ( labeling) and more than ***200 thousand*** data pages. In addition, the core feature of Arkham Analytics Platform is ***Profiler***, which displays information related to wallet address operations including: * Transaction history * Portfolio hold * Balance history * Profit and loss * Exchange usage * Top Counterparties Profiler is considered by Arkham as the most valuable and used feature because it is a place to display a full and complete overview of an organization, investment fund or individual wallet address. core. Help users have a more direct and comprehensive view. In addition to Profiler, Arkham also provides a few more features that allow users to learn more about a specific wallet address such as: * Visualizer: This is where we can see the history and relationships. contact of other wallet addresses related to the wallet we want to see, and see where this wallet address received the token from, and where it was transferred… all activities of this wallet are recorded and visualized make it easy for users to see. * Private labeling: Allows users to create their own identification labels for the wallets they want to track. * Alerts: Users can set up alerts for transaction activities and send telegram notifications… * Dashboards: Allows users to create their own Dashboard, depending on preferences can customize layout and follow keep track of the wallet address so that it is reasonable. * API: For developers who want to use Arkham’s resources and data **Intel Exchange** is a place that allows anyone to exchange and buy and sell information when users need to search and exchange . Currently, the on-chain market is divided into two sides: * The needs of traders, researchers and investors who want to find information about a particular whale, smart money or organization but have no experience. . * People who do on-chain trackers have experience in finding information about whales or investment funds but do not know how to use them to exchange or sell to people in need. That’s why Intel Exchange is a place to exchange and buy and sell between the two above objects, like a market place for buyers and sellers. Arkham Intel Exchange is the first decentralized network to stimulate and generate rewards for on-chain trackers (also known as on-chain detectives, such as (ZachXBT)(https:// *Some concepts in the Arkham Intel Exchange model:* * **Bounty posters:** Those who are in need of information will post a search request and the possible amount of the bonus. pay. * **Bounty hunters:** On-chain trackers (on-chain detectives) will search for information based on the request of the poster. * **Intel merchants:** These are merchants in the Intel Exchange who sell or auction information that they have collected themselves or may receive from others. * **Intel collectors:** These are people who specialize in collecting information in the system through auctions between searchers and on-chain trackers. Specifically, the working model of Arkham Intel Exchange is as follows: 1. First of all, those who have a need to find information about a specific identifier by staking the $ARKM token into the system. 1. After the bonus amount is posted to the system, anyone can stake the same or more amount for the purpose of motivating on-chain trackers to find information for you. 1. Any on-chain trackers can participate in information search to help users to receive corresponding rewards. The verification process will be checked by Arkham Intel, if correct, Intel Exchange will return the corresponding reward to the on-chain tracker. 1. In addition, on-chain trackers (also known as onchain detectives) have the right to set up and auction valuable information on the market. After being determined valuable information by Intel Exchange, the auction will take place. for those who wish to obtain this information. For those who have staking $ARKM who need to find information and the winning on-chain trackers will receive exclusive privileges to use and trade within 90 days. In addition, Arkham charges 2.5% of $ARKM bettors seeking information and 5% fees for successful recipients of bonus payments. Arkham will review and review the information search requests from the user who wants to search, from which it will make a decision whether this request is valid or rejected (approves or rejects). This process is done based on Chainlink’s Oracle mechanism when interacting with the submitted (bounty) and smart contract (smart contract) reward metrics. The $ARKM token will be used in the Arkham Intel Exchange system. How **Bounties** Works When users have a need to search for information in the blockchain, they will write down the details of the request they want to find, then use $ARKM as a reward for those who find it . Those who have the same search need will use an equivalent amount of $ARKM or more, all $ARKM will be combined and used to pay on-chain trackers when they have searched for the desired request. . Onchain trackers (bounty hunters) when participating in a search for a certain request must stake 10 $ARKM to give ideas for the Intel Exchange system to review and in case spam enters the system. How **Auctions** Works For those who have valuable information and want to trade on Intel Exchange, they will create this valuable information source auction. Those who want to bid will offer their desired price until they own the information source. Sellers will have to stake 10 $ARKM when posting the information they want to bid, and the Arkham team will check and confirm before the auction officially starts. **Team and Backers **Miguel Morel is currently the CEO of Arkham Intel, a lot of rumors suggest that Miguel is related to the CIA and the Pentagon. Looking at the Arkham logo is very similar to the building of the Pentagon. However, all information is still rumors and has not been verified. Matteo Colledan takes on the position of Business Development in Arkham, Matteo has many years of experience in this field. ***Especially, Matteo worked in the market maker fund GSR before ***Alexander is working as Head of Business Development in Arkham, before joining Arkham, Alexander worked as a Manager for ** *Deloitte *** with financial and risk management duties, and during this time Alexander served as a second lieutenant at the US special forces command. **Tokenomics **Figure 2 and Figure 3 ***Project Roadmap*** *Achieved Plans:* * 8/2022 First Private Beta Launched * 1/2023 Added Alerts Feature in Arkham * 2/2023 parnerships alongside BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron and Optimism. * 5/2023 released Dashboard to manage and view token information * 6/2023 exceeded 200,000 users registered to join the system *Upcoming plans:* * Q3 2023: Launch of Arkham Ultra * Q3 2023 Release of Arkham Intel Exchange allows trading on the system * Q4 2023: Release of AI data exploration tool * Q4 2023: Arkham Intel Exchange supports more chains * … ## 3. **Technical analysis** Expectations by the scenario after the $ARKM token list will have a release from users launchpad Binance and users receive an Airdrop, then there will be a push wave 1 like the previous tokens like **$OP** or **$ID**. WATCH OUT WHEN VOLUME SALE IS DISCOUNTED AND SIDEWAY PRICE, NOW CAN GET INTO WATER FOLLOWING 1. ## **4. Onchain** *Team will update onchain metrics after $ARKM is listed on Binance.* ## 5. **Conclusion** **Advantage** * As a platform ***Onchain Analytics** * was the first to launch a token and list on a big exchange like Binance, plus the airdrop for users made people pay more attention to the project and create a fomo feeling. * Arkham built and developed a market place called Intel Exchange, a place to exchange and buy for those who need and use it. $ARKM is the token used in Arkham’s system for payment and exchange. * The initial circulation supply is mostly in the hands of the project, in addition, only users who participate in the Binance launchpad and users who receive the airdrop will have tokens. The market maker team and the project are easy to price when the circulating supply is low outside the market. * There are rewards for users who contribute and improve the Arkham ecosystem. **Disadvantage** * Haven’t seen a mechanism to help long-term $ARKM token holders like Burn or Buybacks… * Because it’s a Launchpad token, we shouldn’t expect too much, lately. launchpad projects usually don’t have a standout.

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