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ARKHAM: Everything you need to know!

**1. What is ARKHAM? :** Arkham is not just a mere onchain data statistics protocol. Think of it as a chef “frying” raw onchain data from Etherscan into delicious, beautiful, and easy-to-use dishes. ARKHAM is the simplification of onchain discovery. ** 2. What will affect the price of Arkham? **Used as a medium of exchange in Arkham Market, offering rewards for information retrieval. Use ARKM to receive discounts on Arkham VIP packages. ARKM can also be used to vote (the most useless feature for retail ) **3. Tokenomics okay? **Arkham unlocks tokens very slowly, there will be no supply shock. It allocates a lot of categories to develop the ecosystem, preparing for a long distance battle ARKM that is not focused on creating rapid growth like Ponzi projects. This mode of innovation requires adoption aka “latency” – the community will need time to doubt then evaluate and accept their model. **4. The reason ARKHAM is listed on Binance:** Arkham is not a Layer 2 project with a hundred million funding round. Arkham raised only 12 million but still got a list of Binance. Because Binance always prioritizes projects with innovation in the way it does business and operates. Respond and provide services to areas that have not been strongly exploited. If you noticed, Binance loves innovation! Projects with good enough innovation will always be prioritized by Binance. This is one way that Binance promotes the industry. Priority for creativity!** ***Unlike other exchanges, just have a vol as a list Regardless… **5. Arkham’s competitive advantage:**Arkham is not only at the forefront of creating a decentralized information and data market model, but also creating an environment for the professional onchain community to grow and earn. Connect problem solvers and problem solvers together and collect transaction fees. Instead of just acting as an onchain statistics platform and competing with big players like Glassnode, Nansen, etc. This way of working helps Arkham have more revenue streams and choices in business. **6. Personal thoughts:** The decentralized working model, like that adopted by Arkham and CertiK, is expanding and gaining acceptance. This model is not only fair but also provides a competitive , high productivity , trustless working environment . Imagining a future with such a working model is interesting, isn’t it? p/s: Thumbnail just for fun=))))))))))

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