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(Awarding and Honoring Corner for Excellent Articles of the Week of July 1st)

Hello brothers and sisters, The first week of the new month has passed without too much volatility. On CEX exchanges, the trading volume has not exploded strongly, although Binance has made new moves with Launchpool and New listing. The volume still focuses mainly on the DEX side, with meme matches version 2.0, a jungle of coin pump dumps and scams, rugs… Making money or keeping money during this period is difficult, but I personally like price is still harder to hold. So, hope you keep your spirits up and stay focused before each investment decision. It is up to each of us to gain or lose, don’t be too grateful to others or blame the situation. Congratulations and honor to the 4 authors of the 4 articles below who have won the award, I will contact you directly to award the prize: TIPS HUNTING ON DEX – Nguyen Duc Nam https://www.facebook. com/groups/ryanvanhungnguoiban/permalink/595987476014968/ . TIPS PLAYING COINS – Rb Nguyen . CAPITAL INVESTMENT ROAD 0 VND! – Small Clouds . WAYS TO TRACK THE MARKET EFFICIENTLY. – Pham Hoai Thuong == There are also excellent articles below. Everyone, don’t forget to read and support 1 like instead of thanks to the authors: HOW TO HOLD COINS FOR REASONABLE? – Nguyen Thi Thu . What is LSDFI ? Working mechanism of PENDLE – Ng Manh Quy . Is the Financial Market really balanced like the picture of Bulls and Bears? – Lam Tung . Cycle 2025 – Bach Han . How to convince your lover or wife to let you invest in Crypto? – Pham Duy Thanh . EXPERIENCE TO LEAVE LOSS IN FINANCIAL MARKET – Nguyen Phi . Feelings in Trading – Thieu Van Hung . CHANGE MINDSET IN INVESTMENT, THE ONLY WAY THAT CAN BRING PROFIT FOR YOUR POCKET. – Yen Nhi . zkSync Airdrop Overall Plan (Part 1) – Tam Le . Instructions to participate in the Polygon zkEVM experience for a chance to receive retroactive – Thang Nguyen . Don’t ignore these 4 criteria to get up to $10,000 $ZRO – Travis Travis

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