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(Awarding and Honoring Corner for Excellent Articles of the Week of March 3)

Hello brothers and sisters, when was the last time everyone saw BTC at the 28k mark, do you still remember the mood and emotions at that time? Same price, but BTC dump to 28k and BTC pump to 28k are stories with completely different positions. That’s why emotion is the easiest thing to kill us, only strong psychology and discipline can help us survive and survive in the market. Anyway, the past few days have been turbulent and there have been extremely successful house charms. This week, the excitement will continue with a series of big news such as the Arbitrum airdrop and Binance Launchpad. Hope everyone is awake, wise and earn as much profit as the 2 idols in the picture! Congratulations and honor to the 4 authors of the 4 articles below who won this week’s awards, I will contact you directly to award the prize: The truth about the Crypto market that no one told you – Huy Nguyen . WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN YOU LOSE TOO MUCH? – White TR . NOTICE TRENDS AND PROJECTS FOR THIS ROW – Nguyen Thi Thu . Top 10 popular investment strategies newbies should know – Small Cloud === There are also excellent articles below. Don’t forget to read and support 1 like instead of thanks to the authors: HOW TO CREATE AND MANAGE CRYPTO INVESTMENT LIST. – Pham Hoai Thuong . Find out Space ID – the 30th project launched by Launchpad on Binance – Dinh Quoc Thang . HOT INFORMATION CALENDAR END OF MARCH EARLY April 2023 – Trung Nguyen . TIPs Play Binance Launchpad – Phan Le Ngoc Long . Real World Assets (RWA) – Nguyen Tuong An . Historical owl Bailout – Pham Duc Tien . USDC DEPEG – WILL HAVE A SECOND UST? – TK Research . How RSAs work – Huynh Khanh Long . Giga Bullish on Base + Optimism – Pham Duc Tien . Instructions to create Bot for automatic notification of shark wallets on Telegram – Dipper . 27 POTENTIAL PROJECTS FOR THE NEXT BULL SUMMER – Hanz Trinh . Understanding Wykoff’s Internal and External Forces- VSA. – Nguyen Si Khoa . TREND SHITCOIN AND MEME COIN – Son Capital

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