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(Awarding and Honoring Corner for Excellent Articles of the Week of March 4)

Hello brothers and sisters, After the recent Arbitrum craze, it seems that families are rushing to plow airdrops and retroactive new projects to look forward to the project’s token distributions. Of course nothing is easy. Every school and field of making money in the market has its own advantages and disadvantages and is not suitable for all. I only have a little advice for those of you who are just starting to learn, that is to use and experience the useful products and features of the project like a real user, not simply pouring money. Rush into cheats or make as many wallets as you can. 80% of our results come from only 20% of our actions. So please research, carefully study the projects and choose scientifically and logically. Then the sweet fruit will come to those who work hard and deserve it. Work hard, good luck will come! This week, to congratulate and honor the 4 authors of the 4 articles below who have won this week’s awards, I will contact you directly to award prizes: SUMMARY HOW TO FIND YOUR PROJECTS AND TIPS TO JOIN GIA AIRDROPS – Rb Nguyen . TOP USEFUL FREE FREE CRYPTO RESEARCH WEBSITE – Nguyen Thi Thu . Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis Roadmap! – Small Clouds . Should check what a day in the crypto market – Phan Le Ngoc Long === There are also excellent articles below. Don’t forget to read and support 1 like instead of thanks to the authors: Tips or find coins for speculation. – Pham Hoai Thuong . The truth about the crypto market no one told you Part 2: Distinguishing investment, speculation and method DCA bearish and DCA bullish. – Nam Nguyen . The little tips I learned from Mr. Ryan are extremely effective – Nguyen Trung Quan . From A – Z to ETHW ! – Huynh Khanh Long . Where will BTC go next? – Chi Viet . $ARB AIRDROP AND IMPACT ON CRYPTO MARKET (P3) – TK Research . SPACE ID – LAUCHPAD BINANCE PROJECT, WHAT PRICE IS HERE? – Nguyen Trong Dai . Detailed video tutorial on making Retroactive to receive Airdrop zkSync – Tam Le . Collection of instructions on plowing testnet for the whole ConsenSys zkEVM ecosystem from A->Z – Dipper . Guide to farm Shardeum Airdrop, a Blockchain L1 raised $18M – Tam Le . ZK in an easy way for people to understand – Huynh Khanh Long . Trader Stages and Endless Loop .

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