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(Awarding and Honoring Corner for Excellent Articles of the Week of March 4)

Hello brothers and sisters, The last week of the first quarter of the year has arrived. Normally, the first 3 months of the year are exciting and wavering times, easy to find in the market. Q2 and Q3 will be gloomy, a bit more difficult, but opportunities will always be available and unexpected, always learn and prepare to be ready to adapt, seize! For those of you who won the Arbitrum airdrop last week, what did you guys do with the money? Cashout to reward yourself and your family with meaningful gifts? Sell ​​immediately and always when you receive the goods and continue to immerse yourself with other new hold and trade contracts or give them all to margin and future risk? Perhaps the first option is the wisest and most reasonable, when the house always knows how to get money back in your account. Try to get as much cash and in-kind as you can! Congratulations and honor to the 4 authors of the 4 articles below who have won this week’s awards, I will contact you directly to award the prizes: NEW COINS PLAY TIPS LIST SHORT – Phan Dat https://www. . Good tips to make money, prepare for the next up season – Trung Nguyen . Summary of future Airdrop & Retroactive projects – Pham Ninh . ANALYSIS A COLLECTION OF NFT BY CORE VALUE – Hoang Le === There are also excellent articles below. Don’t forget to read and support 1 like instead of thanks to the authors: TIPS TO XX ACCOUNT IN THE FOLLOWING UPTREND SEASON – Rb Nguyen /536947098585673/ . What should we do after the last Airdrop? – Small Clouds . WRONG THINKINGS NEW PEOPLE MAKE WHEN JOINING CRYPTO MARKET – Pham Hoai Thuong . How to “Diamond Hand” 1 coin? – Phan Le Ngoc Long . FOLLOW TOKEN PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR A RIGHT INVESTMENT STRATEGY – Nguyen Duc Nam . List of potential L1&L2 airdrop projects – Tam Le . Daily Alpha – MOSO Research . Smart money goes from $75K to more than $1.4M in the downtrend season with just MAGIC – The Datafi Vietnam . Instructions to plow Airdrop zkSync Era – Dipper . Tokenomic analysis of new projects recently listed on the floor – Huy . Account Abstraction – Huynh Khanh Long . Market update on March 21 – Thang Nguyen . Some projects in the Polygon – Dipper ecosystem . A new trick of hackers everyone needs to pay attention to – Tran Minh . ARBITRUM ANALYSIS: ARBITRUM AND SOME STRANGE POINTS NEED TO KNOW TO AVOID SCAM. – Nguyen Trong Dai Check tokenomic of ARB project – Huy . zkSync confirms Airdrop – Tam Le . Everything you need to know about RaaS – Huynh Khanh Long .

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