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(Awards and Honors Corner for Excellent Articles of the Week of June 2)

Hello brothers and sisters, The market is gradually becoming quiet and cooling down in the second half of this year, when the monument of Binance and elder brother CZ started getting punched by the council with all the bad news and fuds falling from the sky. . It could be a perfect scenario to retaliate for the FTX incident, or simply that CZ’s fortunes are about to go down… There are ups and downs, no one can stay at the top forever. Is it time for new factors and forces to appear, threaten and compete for the throne with CZ, Binance, BSC and refresh this game? Let’s wait, reason and make our own assumptions and be ready to cope and adapt as quickly as possible! This week, in tune with the market’s depression, the number of articles is also very small. Congratulations and honor to the 4 authors of the 4 articles below who have won awards, I will contact you directly to award prizes: How to detect and avoid scams on P2P on Binance – Nguyen Thi Thu . SIGNS OF A PROJECT SHOULD NOT INVEST? – Rb Nguyen . Trend Guide – Hidden Gem for newbies looking to increase their account!! – Small Clouds . Research: Bot in Crypto – Le Ky === There are also excellent articles below. Don’t forget to read and support 1 like instead of thanks to the authors: Frameworks for better crypto investment – Phan Le Ngoc Long permalink/579308431016206/ . What is fud? Why is there FUD – Nguyen Tan Thuc . FUD BINANCE – NEW WINE SIZE FROM SEC – TK Research . PLAYING BRC20 COST SO MUCH, PLEASE SEE TRIAL DRC20 – Hanz Trinh . BACKGROUND IN CRYPTO – COIN STREET GOAT . MINI UPTREND 2023 – IS IT ENDED? – TK Research . Full text of Binance’s statement in response to the SEC’s allegation. – Bac Nguyen

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