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Temporarily put aside the hours of hard work to find out knowledge, read and read, write and write. Learning is not tired… Now sit down here, in this topic, let’s discuss about applying PRACTICE with what you have learned! In the last two days, it can be said that the most prominent information is that Binance is involved in a lawsuit. BNB price plummeted. Confidence in Mr. CZ shook violently. That is also the reason why I wrote this post. This post will answer my personal questions with simple questions like these – What is the fulcrum in your crypto investment market? – When is it necessary to be decisive to make the most profit? * First I talk about the fulcrum in crypto You come across comments like: – Crypto market anything can happen – Don’t trust anyone completely in the crypto market – SAM or CZ will go to dust. Ok, the comments above are also true, but only partially true. And anyone who absolutely molds this idea, I think this belief seems a bit one-sided Because in crypto, securities or most other financial investment fields besides other factors such as trends, trends, industry, etc. profession….The very important factor to choose to trust is the capacity of the project or company you invest in. How do they work, how do they handle the crisis, how are they capable, I personally see Binance as something different from the rest in terms of influence -Most reputable in the eyes of many people -Communication ,images, best marketing (Even those who don’t know much about crypto have also known Binance) – The exchange’s application provides the best user experience and visualization (my personal opinion) – And of course, Binance’s trading volume is the largest among CEX exchanges – Or BSC’s ecosystem lead projects have all proved their worth. So the story here is what I thought when I heard good fud news. shill, I shouldn’t join it right away, but I should analyze it, because maybe there is an opportunity to make some profit here. Or at least lose money unnecessarily (Selling regardless). We don’t believe anything or blindly trust anyone in crypto but we can still trust something in our own way So how to apply that belief?! I think the most appropriate application is to bring in investment. Invest at the times when that leader or brand is facing the strongest wave of backlash, storm surge, investor confidence is most bewildered, as if they are about to fly off the map. .. Since the timing of entry will be ideal, the price will go lower than when confidence is running high. Good profits are often born at times like these. Why should I be confident? Because believe me, it is only a part of the portfolio, never all in any project (necessary) But even if it is bad, I will only go to the pre-planned stop loss point (this is not the case). must do) So even if it’s wrong, it’s just one time choosing the wrong investment project like other projects. On the contrary, I have the belief that if BNB or the projects in the BSC ecosystem continue to collapse, my confidence will be shaken more, I will choose to buy in this ecosystem with the belief that it will make good profits – And you, what’s your opinion? Most importantly, if you have the same opinion, please comment on the projects you see potential in the BSC ecosystem to share. Thank you for reading!

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