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Coinbase is famous as a CEX exchange with huge money flows from institutions. The launch of L2 Base will certainly be a good catalyst for the whole market. I am interested in the following 5 ecosystem projects. Please refer to it ## 1/ All projects in this ecosystem I have in the first photo. You can see In this issue, I can see some of the following ## 2/ @Backedfi The project belongs to the RWA trend. The token will support tokenization of many real-world assets, and the Treasury currently has 12M $AUM (Australian Dollars). Project tokens will represent ownership of real-life products. Each token is a separate certificate that helps you track the listed value of a specific security asset. This type of token is called $bToken. $bToken is fully compliant with Swiss law, can move freely on the blockchain. They will be sold directly to licensed users or through Backed’s platforms. BackedFi will not have a native token. In short, you bring money here and go to invest in stocks, stocks, bonds or investment properties at TRAFI. ## 3/ **@PERENNIALLABS** DeFi Derivative Protocol. Model AMM gives traders the ability to trade with leverage and helps liquidity providers (LPs) earn trading fees. Traders deposit collateral for leveraged trading with different price feeds. LPs provide funds within the protocol and earn fees through the trader’s approval of transactions. The loser pays the winner. No price impact, trades directly to Oracle’s price. Traders get paid straight in $USD, not crypto. The protocol design is also suitable for developers, providing a low-cost, fully on-chain, easy-to-integrate infrastructure. LPs can customize liquidity offers according to their needs. Max x50 leverage with custom hedging, speculative strategies. ## 4/ **@HORIZAIO** Base’s DEX. Combining Uniswap V3’s liquidity concentration algorithm and Solidity’s model ve(3,3) to attract more users to participate. Solves some of the problems many AMMs are having. Reduce slippage, increase liquidity efficiency, reduce impermanent loss and promote trading of pairs to generate more fees. In short, using centralized liquidity, automatic position management of Uni V3 combined with ve(3,3) to help users improve capital efficiency and create more incentives to increase revenue. ## 5/ **@DACKIESWAP** First DEX on Base. Key Features – StableSwap, Curve Finance fork. Provide users with the most optimal trading route. Currently attracting a lot of users, 730M$ liquidity and 42M$ volume in the last 30 days. The goal is for users to experience trading without registration or cumbersome operations. Connect and swap. Yes DackiePad is a launchpad for users to earn passive income. ## 6/ **@VOLMEXFINANCE** DEX Perp on Base. There are quite a few Indexes for users to join. The purpose is to help users easily keep abreast of market fluctuations, thereby providing hedging, speculating or index buying strategies. Available volatility metrics include Volatility TOken v1, BVIV Index and EVIV Index. These indicators help users understand the level of panic in the market, then will have a clearer direction in the future. ## 7/ There are many good gems yet to be discovered. You can join the experience soon! Hope the article is useful for your research. Research now, pay later!

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