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Battery is old but can’t be replaced immediately, here’s a tip that can help your iPhone “survive” longer

Extending a special mode on the iPhone might help. It’s time to replace the battery on your iPhone or iPad, but for some reason you can’t do it, your device is old, and with the new iOS and iPadOS, it doesn’t have enough battery to last. day or you can’t charge the battery multiple times a day. Regardless of the reasons mentioned above – they will lead to the device being able to quickly shut down when you need it most. The good news is that there is a trick that can help the device “survive” longer. Specifically, if you own an iPhone or iPad, you must have received a notification more than once about the “Low Power Mode” mode when the battery capacity drops to 20%. This special mode helps you to prolong the usage time of your device by restricting some features. But by default, it automatically turns off when the iPhone or iPad is charging to 80% – so is there a way to keep Low Power Mode on all the time? First we need to note that Low Power Mode will disable features like 5G (except video streaming) on ​​iPhone 12 series and above, auto-lock (default is 30 seconds), screen brightness, refresh rate (up to 60 Hz) on iPhone and iPad models with ProMotion display, some visual effects, iCloud Photos (temporarily paused), automatic downloads, email refresh, and refresh application in the background. If you’re still happy without the above features – as long as it saves battery life, here are the steps to keep Low Power Mode on: + You need to launch the Shortcuts/Shortcuts app > Automation/ Automation. + Press the + button in the upper right corner then select Create Personal Automation / Create personal automation item. + Scroll down and select Low Power Mode. + Uncheck the Is Turned On/Enabled option and select the Is Turned Off/Disabled option, then touch Next/Next. + Click Add Action / Add action. + Click inside the search field and search for the Set Low Power Mode script then select the script below. + Make sure that the blue Turn/Switch and On/Enable options are selected then continue to click Next. + Turn off Ask Before Running / Ask before running then touch Don’t Ask / Don’t ask to confirm. + Press Done/Done to finish. From now on you can turn Low Power Mode on and off at any time by going to Settings/Settings > Battery/Battery. You should also note that if you want to disable this feature, you will have to disable it in Shortcuts by turning off the Enable This Automation switch.



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