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Before the danger that may be in the wallet, Apple and Google just had to accept a cooperation handshake?

## What happens when something is made with good intentions but is abused by the bad guys? While the AirTag wasn’t the first tracker on the market, as with other Apple products, it has attracted a lot of attention for the ways it can be used. But unfortunately not everyone wants to use AirTag the way it was designed. Just like other tracking devices on the market, AirTag is also capable of being abused by bad guys, making it a tool to monitor others. Apple has worked to deal with this issue with several iOS updates. And recently Apple and Google released a joint announcement proposing a new industry standard to ensure that potential victims are notified if there is a tracking threat whether they use an iPhone or an Android phone. . The two companies are said to have committed to completing the feature by the end of 2023 and rolling it out “in future versions of iOS and Android.” Other trackers in this vast market now include Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, eufy Security and Pebblebee. It is known that Apple and Google have also received feedback about working together to ensure that all potential concerns are addressed as thoroughly and effectively as possible from these manufacturers.



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