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Being “killed by Apple”, this iPhone model is still selling well in Vietnam

## (Dan Tri) – Introduced by Apple in September 2019, iPhone 11 has so far attracted a lot of attention from users in the Vietnamese market. Talking to PV *Dan Tri*, representatives of many large retail systems said that this model is always on the list of best-selling products and contributes a significant part to the sales of dealers. “After 4 years since its launch, iPhone 11 still regularly enters the list of best-selling smartphone models on the market. According to our statistics, this is currently the best-selling model in the price segment of about 10 million and contributes nearly 5% of the chain’s revenue,” said Mr. Tuan Minh – Apple product manager at Hoang Ha Mobile system. From September 2022, right after the generation (iPhone 14) ( was released, Apple has quietly “deathed” a series of devices. equipment, including iPhone 11. However, according to the sharing from dealers, this product is still being traded normally in the Vietnamese market. This is a familiar strategy, which has been applied by Apple on many generations of iPhones. “iPhone 11 is still in Apple’s normal business product range in Vietnam. With this model, Apple has removed the colors, currently only two options are black and white. Goods are still imported normally to meet the requirements. meet the needs of the market,” shared a media representative of the FPT Shop system. This person said that Apple’s goal is to get the most users to join and experience the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, maintaining the previous iPhones aims to create a lower price segment so that customers can easily access the product. “This policy has been successful in the past few years when low-priced products only sell about 20-30% of the volume, but still make a great contribution to Apple’s growth, especially keeping users in the ecosystem. attitude of the company”, a representative of FPT Shop added. Currently, iPhone 11 is being offered by dealers with prices from 10.7 million VND for the 64 GB version. The device competes directly with a number of competitors in the same price segment such as Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, Oppo Reno8 T 5G or Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G. It can be seen that, when compared to Android rivals, the iPhone 11 is somewhat inferior in screen resolution, does not support 5G connectivity and the “rabbit ears” design is too old. However, Apple’s “pet” still possesses certain advantages such as stable performance, camera and good battery life. In particular, the device receives long-term software update support from Apple and optimization from the iOS platform. Many leaked sources said that this model will continue to be updated by Apple to the upcoming iOS 17 operating system. This is an advantage that only Apple products have.



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