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Benefits only Galaxy Z Fold4 has, it’s hard for normal phones to want

# **The benefits only Galaxy Z Fold4 has, it is difficult for ordinary phones to want** **Thanks to the advantage of the folding screen, Galaxy Z Fold4 can do things completely different from ordinary smartphones often.** ## **“After using the Galaxy Z Fold, you will not be able to use another smartphone”** That is not a joke but the actual experience of many users who have bought Galaxy Z Fold. The latest version of the Galaxy Z Fold4 reaches the perfection of a folding phone and offers practical benefits that other conventionally designed smartphones cannot. That’s why the fact that Samsung holds up to 80% of the folding smartphone market share in the whole of 2022 (according to Canalys data) does not surprise many people. According to statistics, there are 14.2 million foldable phones sold in 2022 and Samsung accounts for 12 million of them. It is a fact as stated, that those who have experienced the folding smartphone will find it difficult to switch to another smartphone. Some distinct benefits include: ## **Entertainment on Galaxy Z Fold4 at a different level from normal smartphones** No more screen limitations, your fingers press the keys completely “released” as below. The side screen becomes the control center for you to focus on the other half of the screen. Many professional gamers also think that this method can be a bit “cheat” with some games that require skilled control because it is like you plug in a console controller to play on the TV or PC screen. So. ## **Replace tablets, laptops, both work well and have “delicious” entertainment** With the advantage of a folding screen, when opened, it is almost twice the size of a normal smartphone, Galaxy Z Fold4 gives you the power to use a tablet or even a laptop in the form of a slim smartphone. Galaxy Z Fold4 users even shared how they draw pictures on this smartphone, just like drawing on a tablet. ## **Flex Mode for better entertainment, work, multitasking** The notable highlight of both the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold series is the use of an exclusive hinge that allows the device to hold a good position when folded, opened, creating a new use style called Flex Mode. You can use Flex Mode to both have large meetings and take notes comfortably without fear of interrupting your work. Flex Mode also allows users to take selfies in a different way or simply let you watch YouTube more hands-free. ## **Showing class and fashion** Galaxy Z Fold4 not only stands out thanks to its different design and unfolding and folding screen, this phone also makes its owner more luxurious . Of course, the price issue is one thing because this is a top-of-the-line phone not only from Samsung but also among the top of the market. Besides, it must be mentioned that the impressive design, beautiful face comes with rich colors. Most recently, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold4 with a beautiful Burgundy red tone that definitely creates a different highlight, shown at first glance. Possessing many different features, it is easy to understand why this is a device chosen and used by businessmen and celebrities. Galaxy Z Fold series is expected to bring even more attractive improvements in the future.



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