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# **Best way to charge iPhone battery: 5 surprisingly simple tips!**

# **ūüĒ•Best way to charge iPhone phone battery: 5 surprisingly simple tricks!** **Leaving your smartphone exposed to high temperatures is a very bad habit because the chemicals are used in Lithium batteries typically react to temperature changes.** ## **Use certified Apple chargers** We live in a world where buying a new phone doesn’t require a charger. in box. Therefore, many users tend to use third-party chargers to charge their phones. Some good brands can be mentioned like Anker or Belkin. In most cases, these third-party brands can be cheaper than Apple-certified chargers. However, for the life of the battery, it is recommended that you use an Apple-certified charger. Second, minimize the use of fast charging. You can still have a fast charger to help when you need it urgently. However, if you have time to charge your smartphone for a longer time at home or at the office, you can use a 5W or 10W charger. Fast chargers often make the phone hotter while charging. When the phone heats up, it will seriously affect the health of the battery. ## **Use MagSafe wireless charger to charge overnight** Charging your phone overnight is fine. That’s what most people do every night. Therefore, it is not really effective to advise people to avoid overnight charging. If you’re one of those people who just can’t get rid of the habit of overnight charging, then arm yourself with Apple’s certified MagSafe wireless charger. Wireless chargers are generally slower than wired chargers because it uses a coil to generate an electromagnetic field. Wired chargers, on the other hand, come with small transformers that generate charging power. For this reason, charging with a wireless charger operates at a lower temperature than with a wired charger. ## **Battery level always stays between 20% – 80%** This is a very important point to keep in mind to keep your iPhone battery at 100% for a long time. This is especially related to draining your battery completely down to 0%. Smartphones using lithium batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. Anytime you let the battery drain completely, you’ve used up one of the cycles. The more this happens, the more the charge cycle drains and the faster your battery health declines. Therefore, you should always keep the battery between 20 and 80% to avoid using up the full charge cycle of the battery. Never make battery drain or full charge a habit if you don’t want the battery condition to degrade quickly. ## **Do not expose your phone to heat** Exposing your smartphone to high temperatures is a very bad habit as the chemicals used in Lithium batteries react to change temperature. Exposing your smartphone to direct sunlight, leaving them on a car dashboard or any form of heat can affect the health of the battery. Make sure you keep your phone in a cool environment at all times to avoid losing battery quality. When a battery starts to degrade due to heat, its life is automatically shortened due to a chemical reaction inside the battery. High temperatures damage the battery, so keeping it cool will keep your iPhone battery at its best for longer. ## **Enable optimized battery charging** First of all, you need to install iOS 13 or later to be able to use this feature. If you have the above requirement, tap Settings on iPhone. Scroll down to Battery and tap it. Then tap on Battery Health and tap on Optimized Battery Charging to Activate it. Above are five simple tips to help keep your iPhone battery at 100% for longer. Just follow these simple battery management rules and your new iPhone should last all year without a single drop in battery health.



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