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Beware of fake money transfer receipt scam

**To avoid being scammed, people who transact through a bank account should carefully pay attention to the transfer bill, do not deliver the goods to anyone without receiving the money in the account.** Online scam This is a problem that has received a lot of attention from the whole society. In the context of digital transformation being promoted in almost every field today, many bad actors have taken advantage of the boom in information technology and benefits from technology applications to commit frauds. online, appropriating high-value assets. The Department of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications has issued a warning about 24 forms of fraud taking place in Vietnam’s cyberspace. These scams target the following target groups: the elderly with 15 frequent scams; children with 3 forms of online lures; students/youth with 13 forms; workers/employees, office staff were lured with 19 forms of fraud… **Signs of identifying fake money transfer receipts** The tricks of scammers Successful forgery of money transfer receipts is usually a bulk purchase, then borrows more cash from the victim, and then transfers the payment. Subjects requested to transfer money in the form of Internet Banking to sellers. However, in fact, there was no real money transfer, but the subjects used some software to create fake payment invoices and show them to the seller to prove that the transfer was made. Until the victims did not see their accounts with money and realized they had been scammed, the subjects were “running away”. **How ​​to avoid fake money transfer receipts successfully** To avoid being scammed, people who use bank account transactions should pay close attention to the transfer bill, do not deliver goods to anyone. Anyone who has not received the money in the bank account, even if the fraudster provides a successful transfer. With the bank’s technology system, the transfer 24/7, customers will receive a notification that there is money in the account. Transaction participants should wait for the notification that the money has been received from the bank instead of just trusting the screenshot of the successful transfer interface. In addition, the fake “successful transaction” image has some characteristics that are different from the image from the official bank in terms of color, font, time… ***Note:*** Person People do not provide login name, application password, OTP authentication code, email … to anyone even if that person claims to be a bank employee or a State agency.



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