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Binance and OTC P2P Alerts

To avoid a natural beautiful day, your bank account and your loved ones are locked from the bank to investigate the involvement of dirty money. (The dirty money here may be due to money laundering, because it is related to the property appropriated by others under investigation). Usually such accounts are almost locked for a few years, sometimes lost forever because of being withdrawn to the state treasury, so how to avoid such a thing I will explain more clearly and in detail below……. First I will explain to you why your account and loved ones may be locked when P2P Binance or OTC outside. * Usually, traders on binance P2P or P2P on other exchanges are easy to get dirty money into their bank accounts because money launderers and objects that appropriate other people’s assets transact via P2P for the purpose of dispersal. their money when they have dirty money and want to make dirty money into clean money. ⇒ then when I cash out, I accidentally do P2P transactions with merchants on Binance and that dirty money accidentally goes back to my account and I transfer it to my dad, mom, wife or lover and in 1 On a beautiful day, those accounts were blocked by the authorities for investigation. (Usually in Vietnam, I am locked to F8 or F9, for example: Person A’s dirty money is F1 and Person A P2P with a trader on Binance but that trader does P2P transactions with a lot of people, the money will be investigated. in sequence and F8 to F9 will then be locked as well). Is it true that you always think that traders on binance will usually have to go through very strict kyc before they can do it? and just the right name with the registered trader is fine, but it is a fact that the source of dirty money is difficult to know so many traders do not know why their account is locked and sometimes it is the traders on binance who is also a money launderer, now hire KYC students for binance and KYC also very easy banking APP with 100k VND How to avoid dirty money and avoid locking the bank account: * Have a separate bank account about P2P On binance on this account, absolutely do not transfer money to relatives and friends, and especially transfer to your main bank account * After P2P cash out transaction, you must go directly to your own bank account withdraw and resubmit to your main account absolutely do not transfer to avoid account lockout * It is safest to find a reputable OTC or chat with P2P binance for information and cash transactions outside (Safe The best thing is still OTC and cash transactions outside and deposited in the bank later) Finally, if the authorities call to work, you must declare the truth, not lie) Be careful, what’s wrong? It can also happen, so I hope everyone protects their assets in the best way, it’s hard to cash out, don’t let that money look unusable.

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