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As the day of Hong Kong legalization of crypto is approaching (June 1). Binance announced that they will support rebrand for $COCOS -> $COMBO Is this a scheme of CZ π‘πžπ›π«πšπ§π π₯πšΜ€ 𝐠𝐒̀? Rebrand is when the project changes direction and wants to rebuild under a new name, a new token Usually there are 2 reasons: – There are products, new orientation – The old chart pump/dump too much so it needs to change the name. chart to make it easier to push the price π—›π—Άπ—²Μ£Μ‚π˜‚ π˜‚Μ›Μπ—»π—΄ The project will always receive a bull run when it is supported by Binance rebran. However, not all projects Binance supports rebrands. Typically $QLC. The project said yes, but CZ said no. And in the end, it was delisted and pissed off Binance usually takes a long time to review, maybe a whole year, but $COCOS ONLY AFTER 1 MONTH has been supported by Binance @@ Why did CZ announce the rebrand so early? Does $COCOS have anything special: 𝐓𝐑𝐨̂𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐒𝐧 π›πšΜ‰π§: – Combo Network (formerly $COCOS) is a Blockchain Gaming project founded in 2018 – Has a team based in Hong Kong – Is a partner with Alibaba – Invested by Binance Labs **About onchain parameters ** In addition to the basic information, I have checked the Onchain parameters of $COCOS in the recent 7D The parameters are really surprising: – Deposit/withdraw on the exchange CEX in 7D: The amount of tokens withdrawn from the exchange is a lot, accounting for 86.65% **Photo link: ** – Whale wallets holding $Cocos are increasing quantity. Since the 14th until now, $Cocos in Whale wallet has increased from 42M to 57M **Photo link: ** -> While $Cocos has a Mcap of $123M, Whale is holding up to $100M @@ -> I think most of the other Whale wallets are from CZ and the Project Team -> CZ chose the rebrand announcement at this time because it wants to attract all the attention to $Cocos 1 June is the day Hong Kong legalizes crypto, so if there is a Hong Kong trend, which project do you think it will be? Looking back at the trends that CZ has pushed in the past: – Axie with Gaming – Cake, Bake with DeFi – AGIX with AI – StepN with Move-To-Earn – Santos with Fan Token… -> The common point is that they are all CZ products. or CZ holds most of the advantage Summarizing the above, my personal opinion is: $Cocos meets almost all factors such as CZ House, Whale holding a lot, Team Hong Kong, Net withdrawal from Binance ,… If there is a Hong Kong trend, $Cocos will be the project CZ chooses to lead the trend Note: My post is not investment advice. You can follow me on twitter to update the latest information. : ( Thank you

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