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Bing lost its chance to replace Google on Samsung phones

# **Bing lost its chance to replace Google on Samsung phones** The internal review program of Bing at Samsung is said to have been postponed due to concerns of the phone company affecting its relationship with Google. According to *WSJ, *Samsung has not changed the default search engine on its browser from Google Search to (Bing)( 4-duoc-cho-dung-toan-cau-4601214.html) by Microsoft. In April, some internal sources said that Samsung was preparing to conduct an internal assessment of capabilities (using Bing)( su-dung-bing-4594671.html) on the browser built into its devices. Samsung initially assessed the change would not have much of an impact because most users still choose the Chrome browser instead of the device’s default browser. However, Samsung later changed its plans “due to concerns about market assessments, as well as their impact on the business relationship with Google”. Samsung, Google and Microsoft have not commented on the matter. According to *WSJ*, any change from Google to Binh will give Microsoft “a coveted victory”, as the search engine market has been dominated by Google for many years. It was only when ChatGPT created a craze and the technology behind GPT-4 integrated into Bing that it had more motivation to compete with Google. As the two largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Samsung and Apple are the main sources of users for search firms. The Google – Apple or Google – Samsung deal is made in the direction of mutual benefits: one party receives billions of dollars, the other reaches billions of phone users to advertise. Analysts estimate that Google currently makes about 3 billion USD a year thanks to the agreement to set the default search engine on Samsung devices. Last year, the Korean company shipped about 260 million phones, accounting for about 20% of all smartphones worldwide, according to Counterpoint Research. Samsung has had a close relationship with Google since 2010 when it launched the Galaxy S using the Android operating system. In the opposite direction, Google also favors Samsung devices, such as customizing apps for first-time folding models. However, recently, the two companies have also become rivals when they have many products in the same segment, from folding phones, laptops, wearables to smart home solutions. Over-reliance on Google’s software is also considered a concern by Samsung’s phone division. Insiders say the Bing research is part of the Korean firm’s efforts to diversify its smartphone software. Samsung – Microsoft relationship has also developed quite well over time. The two sides have worked together to increase synchronization between Windows computers and Galaxy phones. Microsoft’s cloud business is also a major buyer of Samsung’s memory chips. The source also said that Samsung will not permanently stop its plans to research an application to replace Google, leaving open the possibility that Bing may still be an option in the future.



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