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British Newspaper: Millions of iPhone users are holding their phones the wrong way!

# ** British newspaper: Millions of iPhone users are holding their phones the wrong way!** **According to The Sun (UK), millions of iPhone users are holding their phones the wrong way, causing them to suffer lack of comfort.** The Sun published an article saying that there is a simple error but too common in the iPhone user community: Holding the phone the wrong way. This problem is causing unnecessary impacts on millions of people. You have an extremely expensive smartphone but you have to suffer because of it, does that sound okay? The main reason lies in the huge size of these modern smartphones. Indeed, given the large size of current iPhones, you often have to hold your phone in very uncomfortable positions, especially when trying to text or perform other operations with one hand. Perhaps all of us have experienced this feeling at one time: Stretching your fingers across the screen with difficulty, even pain, or having to tilt the device to one side or the other to press the keys on the iPhone. Thankfully, after years of development, Apple has released two features that will help you never have to hold your phone so uncomfortable again. If you often have to keep one hand on the bus rail, hold a coffee cup, or take your pet on a leash when you walk them, you’ll definitely want to use these features. ## **Trick 1: One-handed mode (Reachability)** Reachability is a little-known feature on iPhone, allowing to shrink the screen to a lower part so that users can operate with one hand easy. “When using iPhone in portrait mode, you can use the Reachability feature to lower the top half of the screen, allowing your thumb to work more easily,” Apple says. To use Reachability, you only need an iPhone 6 (or later). How to enable Reachability is as follows: Step 1**:** Go to Settings and select Accessibility. Step 2**:** Under Fitness and movement, select Touch. Step 3**:** In the Reachability option, turn the switch to green. Exit Settings to start using the feature. When Reachability mode is on, the entire display area will be shifted below the screen position only about half the length of the screen. With the line with the Home key, you only need to tap twice to activate this mode. When you want to go back to full screen mode, just touch the top half of the screen. ## **Trick 2: One-Handed Keyboard mode** This is not only a trick to help you use iPhone easily with one hand, but also allows you to quickly minimize the table keys, making it easier for fingers to reach the keys. When One-Handed Keyboard is enabled, the keys of the keyboard are closer together and push them to the left or right side of the screen. You can enable this feature as follows: *** Method 1: Through Settings *** Step 1: Open the Settings application (Settings) on iPhone. Step 2: Navigate to General (General) > Keyboard (Keyboard) > One-Handed Keyboard. Step 3: Select one of the following options: Disabled – Turn off the one-handed keyboard. Left (Left) – Switch the keyboard to left-handed mode. Right (Right) – Switch the keyboard to right-handed mode. ** Method 2: Quick action** Step 1: Open the iPhone’s keyboard. Step 2: If you only have 1 keyboard installed (Vietnamese/English), long press on the Emoji icon in the bottom left corner of the keyboard to open the keyboard switcher. In case you have multiple keyboards enabled, long press on the globe icon. After using the one-handed keyboard, you can bring it back to normal by holding the Emoji or globe icon above and choosing to use the center keyboard. Good application of the above two features, the process of using your iPhone will definitely become much more convenient.



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