Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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BTC is preparing for one of the most volatile trading sessions of the year with the upcoming July 28 maturity event after the Fed announces interest rates.

With a 28-day maturity value of more than $1.3 billion, where many top strategies and factions are concentrated. The common feature of most strategies is that they have high difficulty and large margin requirements, indicating that the upcoming 28th will have the participation of many large exchange-traded funds (h1). With the level of the volatility curve being bent, it shows that many investors are expecting a breakout of IV on the 28th (h2). Most of the strategies have been placed in the second half of June with a marked increase in open interest shown on CME(h3). Most of the top strategies have made a clear opinion with the price Most of the strategies have in common that taking the 30k price area as the midpoint as long as it bounces out of the 2 ranges regardless of whether it’s up or down when it gets close to the expiration date they will do everything they can to protect the option because right now most of both sides are losing (h4,5). large gamma levels are concentrated in both directions ready to be activated upon expiration. Conclusion of the session on July 28 is expected with very strong volatility after a lot of preparation time, maybe this is the time for MM to take action.

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