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Buy directly from Apple Vietnam can’t return

**According to the policy of Apple online store in Vietnam, users will not be refunded or exchanged products when encountering aesthetic errors such as peeling paint or scratching glass.** According to representatives of the companies retail chains, if not counting the higher product prices at Apple Vietnam’s online stores than retail chains, Vietnamese users who buy products directly from the company will receive individual experiences and advice. Apple’s personalization. However, the big disadvantage that Vietnamese users must accept when buying products from Apple is that they cannot be refunded or exchanged. ## PRODUCTS AND EXCHANGE REGULATIONS Specifically, the standard exchange policy for Apple products at the online store for the Vietnamese market stipulates “all products purchased at the Apple Store There are no refunds or exchanges in Vietnam. Exceptions for exchange will only apply to defective products.” A representative of a retail chain said that Apple only accepts products with hardware defects caused by the manufacturer and does not accept cosmetic errors such as slight scratches, peeling paint or dust entering the camera. Therefore, when buying at Apple’s online store, the company will not count the products with the above cases as defective, so they cannot be returned or exchanged. Accordingly, when buying from an Apple Store in Vietnam, users will have to accept that they cannot exchange or return the product if they unfortunately encounter an aesthetic error such as peeling paint, scratching the edge, scratching the screen or camera dust. . Besides, the company also does not allow Vietnamese users to return goods and refund money when they are not satisfied with the device. In the US, users have 14 days to return and refund when purchasing products directly from the online store and Apple Store. The company requires that the returned product be packaged with all included accessories such as charging cords, chargers and accompanying documentation. Similarly, the above policy is also applied in neighboring markets of Vietnam such as Singapore and Thailand with the return period of 14 days and 7 days, respectively. In particular, in Singapore, users will be deducted 25% of the unboxing fee and 15% of the restocking fee when returning the device. Malaysia is currently a market that has many similarities with Vietnam when this country does not have an Apple Store, users can only buy through Apple’s online store and authorized resellers. Users in this country are also not allowed to return and refund when buying products from Apple. ## MULTIPLE IPHONE 14 MODELS MEET A COSMETIC PROBLEM A representative of a retail chain said that in the past few months, the percentage of purple iPhone 14 Pro Max with cosmetic defects has increased, the most common is peeling paint on the back. . “There are months when the chain encounters up to 20-30 devices with cosmetic defects, most of which are purple iPhone 14 Pro Max, all of which are new and sealed. When encountering this error, dealers will have to handle it themselves according to the policy* *.**Apple, Apple’s suppliers or service centers in Vietnam are not responsible for products with cosmetic defects”, this person shared. This position also said that when touching these error areas, there are no scratches or dents. The initial assessment of the paint peeling error is on the bottom of the back glass. Although it does not affect product quality, this is an unnecessary aesthetic error and rare for customers to accept a product with this error**.** Similarly, a representative of another retail chain also revealed will be responsible for the machine encountering aesthetic errors. Usually, the chain will cut its own losses, reduce the price so that the customer agrees to buy the machine. Machines that are not accepted by customers at a discounted price will be collected and sold on the secondary market. A representative of retail chains in Vietnam said that according to the current popular policy, customers who buy products directly at the store will be required to open the box and check the appearance. If unfortunately encountering aesthetic errors, most stores have a policy for customers to exchange or reduce product prices by 1-2 million.



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