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## **Overview** Mask Network **Mask is the bridge (Dapp), Mask is the foundation (since 2019), Mask is the meme (close to Musk).** Mask Network is a portal that brings people together social networking from Web2 to the world of Web3. Thanks to Mask, users can directly interact with Dapps, NFT suites or crypto assets through social networks like **Facebook, Twitter. Trend Social Media.** **Mask has integrated on WEB, and also CH Play, Appstore more than 50 000 users have installed** ## **Team and Backers** * Team dev from China should be supported by Binance enthusiastic support is an advantage * Vision can become “tencent web3” * Mask has 3 fundraising and the last round of fundraising 42M from July 2022 and early 2023 => right in the middle of the downtrend is a positive effect , while Mask’s Full MC at that time was about $ 100M but called 42M $ which was a huge number. Backer were all VCs Tier 1: Binance Labs, Amonica Brand (Vcs supported the strongest game array like AXS, SAND, MANA,… ), Haskey Capital, and before that there is the CEO of coinbase and a16z,… ## Tokenomic * TOTAL SUPPLY : 100M * TRAFFIC: 68.5M * Allocation: * 18% of CEX circulation: Binance accounts for 17 % * Top 10 accounts for more than 70% of total supply * Currently most of the tokens have been unlocked, and the team is locked for more than 30M$ ## **Reason to pay attention to MASK** * Total supply has been unlocked almost, applicable The discharge force is not large, the second is just calling for capital from 7/2022, maybe in the first year there is no discharge force, and if you want to discharge, it will pump the price up to create a high foundation => strong discharge * The last call of 42M shows that MASK’s current valuation is quite good (if at that time the total supply of Mask is 100M$, the call for capital is almost 42% and the fact that VCs accept to buy such a high level => their expectation in the future) also very big) * Mask is not afraid of trend errors, just wait until the trend Mask is middle of Musk => can enjoy the MEME trend => Mask pump with DOGE Mask is bride web2 to web3 => trend web3 => November 2021 MASK pump extremely Strong reminder about WEB3 Mask is a social media array => can list social trends * Mask is fully supported by Binance + Dev China should have an advantage + Cz list of future pairs Bluebird/Usdt (twitter’s blue bird icon) contains: DOGE , MASK, BNB , it’s not obvious that MASK is sitting with the darling of CZ and Elon Musk (2 biggest crypto influencers, and CZ has contributed money for Musk to buy Twitter) Binance Signal BNB, DOGE, MASK For Payments On Twitter ## **Onchain data** The current $MASK price has decreased by 50% compared to the most recent peak, looking at Onchain, we can detect a few notable points as follows: **1/ Collection area Recently** In the last 7 days, there has been a strong buying and withdrawing force to personal wallets at the price range of $3.7 – $3.8 => This shows that there are Smart Money and Whales are collecting goods in this price range and withdraw to a private wallet. Specifically, on May 14, when the total withdrawal amount reached 500K $MASK while the amount deposited on the floor was only about 13K $MASK. This makes the exchange supply of $MASK only 19%, which is quite a low number compared to the previous stages of this Token. **2/ Holders** The number of wallets holding $MASK has been steadily growing in recent times, however, it is showing signs of slowing down and moving sideways, which is a point to note. The number of people holding more than 1 year (Diamond Hands) still dominates with 58.76% compared to a meager number of only 2.47% Paper Hands (holding for more than 1 week) This proves that Holder in the present is still have confidence that $MASK will have growth in the future **3/ Smart Money** ***Mask is noticed by top institutional investors with Binance 8 wallets (exchange wallets), Jump Trading, Alameda, Wintermute Trading, Hashkey….*** The number of $MASK Tokens held by Smart Money labeled by Nansen is showing signs of strong increase in the period of late April and mid-May. , when the price of $MASK has fallen sharply One point to note here is that the Total Balance of all Jump wallets currently holding $MASK is up to about 9,300,000$ and is still trending up in recent period Specific: Wallet address: 0xf584f8728b874a6a5c7a8d4d387c9aae9172d621 Value: 3.93M$ This wallet address has not changed too much in the number of tokens held in the past 1 month, they only have 2 collect order from Binance exchange with small value, about 100K$ Wallet address: 0xf1efd06b8d2a3cde604c6d6654a5adcc8c69bd47 Value: 3.66M$ This is the wallet address of **Jump Trading** receiving tokens from the project’s Team Wallet, this token number is not located In the previously announced Vesting plan, I have 2 hypotheses + Hypothesis 1: Because Jump is not MASK’s MM from before, it is likely that this is the number of tokens that the project sent to Jump to hire Jump to do. MM, they will use this token to drive the price and serve other activities in the future + Hypothesis 2: Because MASK sending tokens to Jump does not match both the amount and time of vesting as announced = > there is a possibility that Team will sell Token to Jump to get money to maintain the project (Not inclined to this option) Wallet address: 0x4169dd7584f37ebc9dc0a86fec00cde473d9ecfc Value: 1.4M$ This wallet address currently holds more than 357K $MASK and since February 2023 there has been no new action from this wallet address, the most recent transactions we can see that they have deposited 1M $MASK on Binance to sell $MASK to make a profit. **Alamenda Research:** Wallet address: 0xf02e86d9e0efd57ad034faf52201b79917fe0713 Value: 1.31M$ Alamenda has collected $MASK from OKX since May 9, if my hypothesis is correct, the possibility that both Alamenda and Jump will be together price $MASK in the near future Wallet Address: 0xa861678bee80035114b47615142e9302139a8c32 ( Related to Wintermute Trading ) | **Wintermute Trading** is still gathering from exchanges with a small volume, currently this wallet address holds $2.67M $MASK. **4/ What is $MASK’s Top Holder doing?** Wallet Address: 0xcdd73d67c5adc98159e799acfe23f734200cd3ec Value: 71.3M$ This super shark is currently holding $71.3M $MASK and from April 19 to now has been active collection of 1,159,000 $MASK. By the time $MASK peaked at $7.3, this wallet had been working non-stop from 22M $MASK to only 16.9M $MASK. Currently, we have stopped discharging and are moving to collect In addition to this wallet, we have a series of wallets collected from exchanges with a very complicated collection process, small orders. <10k token 1 lần nhầm làm nhiễu, tuy nhiên tổng quan thì hàng loạt ví này từ đầu tháng 4 tới nay vẫn chưa có động thái gom theo ví chính. Sau khi mình check qua 1 lượt thì khả năng một loạt ví liên quan tới ví này có hành động mua đi bán lại ( cung cấp thanh khoản trên các sàn nhằm tránh lệch giá ) , netflow = 0 ( không gom cũng không có động thái bán ra ) Địa chỉ ví: 0x8c54ebdd960056d2cff5998df5695daca1fc0190 Value: 4,26M$ Địa chỉ ví Millionare với timing khá tốt trong quá khứ này hiện nay đang có xu hướng tích lũy $MASK từ đầu tháng 5 đến nay => Attention should be paid to this wallet address **5/ Conclusion** After the above analysis, it seems that retail investors and institutions have also paid attention to $MASK after the price of this token has dropped more than 40% from its most recent peak. $MASK is still a project that the Team considers very good when it can benefit from upcoming Narratives and Trends like SocialFi, especially after Elon Musk has integrated MASK with Twitter. We will update you with the latest developments of $MASK in the near future Source: Team Research CPC Capital

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