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> I just entered the crypto market from a very small capital, as nothing (low position)! Got attached to it and got to this point, feeling lucky to have some experience in the market. I will share how to invest / survive in this market with 0 VND capital. Lessons include: 1. Introduction 1. Invest with 0d capital 1. Conclusion # **I.** **Introduction – practical experience** Really for anyone who participates in crypto but with a low position, that is a difficult one! A difficulty only insiders understand, I’m just like you. =)) But try, changing destiny is a matter of time and effort! * Self-study is still the best! To be able to gain experience in this market is to self-educate and set personal goals accordingly. When I first started playing, I spent about 4-5 hours a day watching videos on youtube, reading trading books and asking for information in some coin groups. Also set a goal of how much will be earned from the market as well. If you think you can do it, then start doing it. My money cycle revolves around doing airdrops to pick up change, join AMA to earn 10$ 20$ once and hunt the top active to earn IDO whitelist to resell or play by yourself. But in order to be independent, the trade-off price is not small: health goes down, education goes down. **Personal Experience** * The airdrop experience (without cheats) has more capital than at the start. * Play IDO, gamefi and some other niches to increase capital * Work to earn in crypto: Do ​​CM, MOD, Ambassador projects for hard salary, more comfortable investment. (More details ( ) It’s not too late to enter, also called an uptrend, so it will be more convenient for the guys in the downtrend. Downtrend does not have many waves, gloomy, if you want to make a profit, you have to take a higher risk than usual because all the old players play together mainly, with little new money entering the market. In short, the later it is, the easier it is to become a chicken for people to trick people into scams with many tricks, sophistication and many forms =))) To avoid being cheated, you have to be good at yourself, raise the level. # **II. Invest with 0d capital.** To make a profit from 0d capital or very little capital of about 50 100$, you also need a roadmap, or know how to have a little steady cash flow. If you lose this place, you will have to cover it in another place, but do it once and then go out to the market. I will share in order of priority should do first. ## **first. Prioritize knowledge and the right investment mindset** This is definitely something to keep in mind, thinking simply now that there is no foundation, when you have a lot of money thanks to luck, it will be difficult to play, losing is even heavier because there are more conditions to borrow :))) On the other hand, without the right knowledge or thinking, it is easy to go the wrong way, leading to fomo and borrowing leads to debt. In this crypto, thinking and knowledge are the deciding factors for how far you can go, the smaller the capital, the more cautious you need to be. * **Knowledge**: There are many youtube channels, blogs, websites that share about crypto, spend time to learn. Min 1 or 2 hours a day is ok. It takes about 1 month to 3 months to understand all the basics and advanced. There is theory and then practice. * **Thinking**: Investment mindset can read books, watch youtube to improve, learn from previous successes. If you’re young, then first of all, learn and then practice. Ordinary people with conditions are willing to put money in, lose money and then get experience and then play again. Not everyone can do that, so be cautious in investing. ## **2. Earning money from airdrop, Retroactive…** Airdrop, Retroactive are not strange to many people anymore, that’s the way I think is very good for newbies, there are a few reasons as follows: * Doesn’t cost money, just takes time and work, the results are also quite ok compared to newbie conditions. Except for the retroactive ones that cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to eat, the rest are very suitable for newbies. * Understand more about the project: A good thing about doing an airdrop is knowing how the project works, what it uses the airdrop money for, there will be many pieces in it, pieces of an ecosystem! a way to learn while making money * Several airdrop projects make fresh money! Do something with money, have capital to experience in the market. There are many platforms that support airdrops, read this article: ( /permalink/591481816465534/) Let me give you an example of a benefit when doing an airdrop as a trader or experience in crypto with you guys. * When you want to experience trading spot or future but are afraid of losing your capital or don’t have much money, the airdrop money you earn will help you make up for it! What if you lose it all? Then start over, have knowledge of trade, have knowledge of airdrop and have more experience. But luckily, eating a big airdrop will get cash out. Invest in other niches. Note: * Airdrop may take a long time, or not return immediately if DEV plays dirty. * Must accept the effort, time to receive the cup or pile of garbage tokens. * There will be bitterness when people accept that you don’t have, it takes time to upgrade your level to do anything. ## **3. Make money from other niches to increase your assets** Each market stage will have different niches to earn, when I played there was IDO gamefi, Conlist flourished, different now. If you get money from the airdrop, then use that money to play IDO to xnxx your account faster, if you lose, then do the airdrop to continue playing. Switch to future trading, wear it all the time :v Now there are niches where you can get capital from airdrop, retroactive to increase your account faster. * **Trade Spot, Future**: Advise you to trade spot, while playing the future, you can only experience it, the poor know how to quit early, the rich play is much more dangerous (A future addict like me divided shall). Every time the loop makes money, practice trading, to get better, the airdrop money will be much more comfortable than borrowing a lot. * **Airdrop, Retroactive**: Put a part of your earned money and reinvest it, to increase the probability of eating more money. Many pro airdrops invest more machines, sims, tools to play this sport. * **Trend crypto**: Following the trend is a good way to increase assets, going on the right wave is x5 x10 or better. Need a lot of knowledge and experience to avoid making liquidation for other players. In this section, many pro in the group have instructions, read more. * **Meme, shitcoin**: A piece of fat cake of people who want to get rich fast, because they want to get rich fast, they should find this niche. =))) It is essentially a money game, so whoever comes in later will be saved. But come in early again xnxx. I’m also very passionate but at a loss :))) * **NFT, Gamefi**: I’m not an expert in NFT, but I’m liking Azuki’s BEANZ haha, Gamefi is playing for a living. For those who want to spend a lot of money on speculation, there are still many opportunities. New Ecosystems to attract money are also very good. Sei NFT is getting attention. Gamefi also has a sharing community. As for things like mining (miner), farm, OTC map, you wait for knowledge and experience to be thick enough and then play. If you know anything else, just comment. ## **4. Building Relationships (If you want)** * During the investment process, you should build your own network, which is a good direction for you. If anyone thinks they can solo with the market, they don’t need it. And having a network is good for your path. The piece of crypto cake is very big and thick, going up together will go further than going alone. * Easier, like if you want to work in crypto, someone you know will be easier to find through referrals, community work is also ok. * If the meme, knowing DEV is an extremely delicious advantage, coming in sooner than others =))) In general, many benefits, but not required! ## **5. Maintaining regularity ** When you find yourself on the right track, maintaining that direction is the hardest, and if you want to stick with Crypto for a long time, work here. There are many positions such as CM, Ambassador, Writer, Design, DEV… with high salary but also high requirements. So now who has experience then apply to follow the market in the best way. Read Alan Nguyen’s post about working at crypto. In order to go from 0 VND capital, it is not easy for children to go through this step, except for some really good guys who have pre-existing conditions to be able to do it quickly. It also took me more than a year to get better and am trying to continue, not leave this market. Continue to update knowledge and thinking in the market because it is a lot, learning is not stopping, coming here is only the first step to go up, the way is still very far. In order to maintain the cash flow, you have to constantly work, because sometimes what you are doing stops or doesn’t earn from it anymore, you must have another source to fill it, otherwise it is easy to fall into a very losing domino effect, It’s very hard to start from scratch. * Please continue to do airdrop, retroactive if you have time because it is an important source of money * If other niches are not suitable, you can stop and focus on what actually masters that first. * Have an income source from work outside or in crypto if possible * Cash out too much, don’t get too drunk in this crypto, win 10 times lose 1 time and go. Vnd is always true love, keeping money and making money the same. # **III. Conclusion** Each person has a different position and way of investing, this is the route I went through and then adjusted it to suit this downtrend period. It may not be complete or suitable for all but for newbie I believe it is necessary. Know what to do next and what to do effectively. Play coins effectively and properly

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