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Case study: Turning 20 million into 10 billion from trading NFTs in less than 2 years

Chasles, a teenage trader, has x almost 500x assets from NFT thanks to the right trading and investments. Let’s find out how he did it with NFT Neighborhood. The year 2021 made Charles realize the importance of NFTs. He took advantage of the trend and traded on Bitclout. Through ingenuity and patience, Charles grew his portfolio from an initial $1,000 to $4,000 and learned an important lesson in the process… FIND PROFITS. Yes, taking profits is never wrong. Once Charles has mastered this lesson, it’s time for him to take his trading skills to the next level. Let’s follow the progress of Charles’ investment:*** Charles deposited $2,000 into his Ethereum wallet at the end of 2021 to start a new journey. Then he started trading full time… In just a year and a half, he achieved the expected success: · Over 200 ETH profits · Over 6,700 ETH volume · Over 5,000 NFT trades ***And here’s how he did it: Surfing familiar collections.*** From surfing notable collections, Charles shaped his strategy. He thoroughly researches the market and selects reliable scalping trading opportunities for high profits. The Little Lemon Friends, Beanz, and Invisible Friends collections are the three series that have become Charles’ biggest wins. Then, things really changed when he bet his entire net worth on the Moonbirds. It was a risky move but luckily spectacular success… Charles sold them near the top and increased his portfolio from 50 ETH to 100 ETH. After the Moonbird trade, the NFT market crashed as bear season rolled in making surfing much more difficult. Then Charles was looking for a new way to make money and discovered a unique opportunity when… Blur announced the airdrop. Traders can earn points by listing and placing bids on the Blur marketplace. Although many people missed this opportunity because of the negative sentiment in the market at the time, Charles was determined to earn points on Blur and eventually received 211,000 $BLUR tokens on February 14, 2023. Charles didn’t stop showing interest even when the NFT market was going down, FTX just crashed. The sentiment in the crypto market is very bad. He felt it was an opportunity not to be missed and worked hard to earn points… There were times when Charles was skeptical. Friends say that he will only get a little money from receiving tokens. … I also only hope to get 10,000 USD from it… And the miracle happened to Charles, $BLUR was given out for free on February 14, 2023. Charles received 211,000 tokens… they were worth 100,000 USD at that time! But, it’s not over yet… Charles needs to sell at the right time. It took about a week… But when Blur rallied to $1.40 and everyone prayed for $2… He started selling. He sold them all for an average price of 1 USD… made 200,000 USD! The Blur trade accounted for almost half of Charles’s trading profits. – In the bull season, fomo money flows in, creating very strong liquidity -> surfing or holding both wins big. – Buy bears fearing cash flow out of the market -> looking for airdrop opportunities or good projects to hold. Further opportunities in the crypto market can appear on a regular basis and Charles has offered some valuable principles and lessons from his trading journey. ***Some of the criteria for looking for a project to find the next opportunity are:*** 1. Finding opportunities that are not too competitive will keep the value going as interest grows. 2. Opportunities where profits are unclear and undervalued will often have the potential for upside. 3. Projects that attract consensus from the community often have strong development ability and ensure high liquidity. ***Finally, some lessons from Charles:*** 1. Dedication to take profits, never hold to die. 2. Bet on where the money is going. 3. Accepting risk betting the full profit potential on projects with high potential and low risk Charles also set goals and believed in himself. This may be the most important lesson of all. **- Source: NFT hamlet -**

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