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Case Study “X70 times account from Meme Coin”

**Wallet for you to check: 0x32870da25eBC291266dcd810159e033234a801dc** **Etherscan:** ## **Initial capital**: 5000$ asset ## **Value current**: 350,000$ (X70 times account) (Picture 1) **Results achieved** (Picture 2): * 800x $BOBO * 360x $HOMER * 200x $APED * 170x $WAGMI * 133x $TROLL *…. And a series of other coins like $PEPE, $MOONED, $PUMP,…. ## So what is the secret that this smart money wallet can earn such huge profits thanks to meme coins? * This method is called VC-style (Invest like investment funds) * The secret of the method is to accumulate many different meme coins, it is quite similar to the investment method of venture capital funds Traditional risk * You only need to win a large part of the token, the rest does not matter if it is profitable or not ## Important points of this method: * Divide the capital you want to invest in the meme to the minimum. 200 times * Buy a share of capital as soon as a meme has been listed on the dex within the last 2 hours * Use tools to check smart contracts, currently there are many tools that can be used including honeypot, Token Sniffer, … Tool gives good results that can be bought, it doesn’t matter about Marketcap and LP * Should not be attached to projects with Marketcap and LP too small to expect assets, should be disciplined and enter equal capital portions. * Should divide the capital into 70-30 including 70% to buy before the meme wave to expect to pick up the lottery, 30% should buy when the meme wave is starting to be able to earn short-term cash flow ## Real battle: * This Smart Money wallet has invested 300 coins in meme coins with the investment capital falling at 40-80$/coin, they also take profit of a few coins to reinvest the portfolio in other coins (Picture 3) * This wallet DCA is continuously before the meme coin season and is more active during the meme coin season, peaking around the time the $PEPE-based coins start to work * Not every coin this wallet invests in is profitable, very Many coins were rugpull just hours later. But these losses are all covered by the terrible profits of buying memes like $BOBO $HOMBER $APED etc. An investment like this only needs a 10-20% win rate to help this account xnxx a fast way ## What is this wallet doing now? * Most of the money has now been transferred to USDC, only a few PEPEs have not been sold because PEPE is currently listed in binance (Picture 4) * This wallet is moving money to Binance to take profits, it is the main reason. wake up x70 times your account after just 1 month of playing meme with 1 method that can’t be simpler (Picture 5) ## Lessons learned You can also use this method after the 2024 Bitcoin Halving season to be able to invest on Binance . smart money wallet like this as well as the signs when the meme season starts** *The article is translated from The Data Nerd as well as adding my own real combat experience* **-All MMT-**

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