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Catch up with ChatGPT, Google Bard now supports Vietnamese

**Google chatbot users can now query for information directly in Vietnamese like on ChatGPT.** In a new update just provided by Google, AI Bard chatbot now supports communication in more than 40 languages, including Vietnamese. Specifically, according to the latest post on Google’s blog, the company has now extended Bard’s capabilities further. Accordingly, Bard will support more than 40 different languages ​​such as German, Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese. This chatbot also extends access to more countries, with 27 countries in the European Union (EU) and Brazil. Bard can now understand and answer questions in Vietnamese. Even, the chatbot has the ability to “listen” to requests from users and respond with the familiar “Google sister” voice. Bard’s reply is very flexible and somewhat similar to ChatGPT. However, Bard has a slight advantage when he can look up information via the Internet (, thereby providing the correct answer. than. Besides additional language features, users are now also receiving a number of other updates such as: Adjusting chatbot responses such as tone and style. There will be 5 different options for users to choose from including simple, long, short, professional or normal. This feature is currently only available for conversations in English. – Pin and rename conversations. – Upload photos directly to the chat frame with the Google Lens tool. – Write and export the Python programming language to other platforms. – Share part or all of the conversation with others via the share button.



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