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Changes worth waiting for on iPhone 15 series

# ** Expected change on iPhone 15 series** ## iPhone 15 series could be a much bigger upgrade than people thought so far as a new report shows both four members all have significantly increased battery size. According to *PhoneArena*, the report came from a Foxconn employee in conversation with the Chinese publication *IT Home*, who revealed the exact battery sizes for all four iPhone 15 Series members. While the standard model has a battery increase of nearly 18% and the highest, the Pro Max model also has a 12% increase in battery level. If accurate, that could be the most important improvement to the iPhone 15 series. However, the accuracy given by the source has an 80% probability, especially when reports suggest that Apple will use the same chassis for the iPhone 15 series, which means it is not clear how the company can install those larger batteries. It is known that the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max have both been at the forefront of battery life compared to other high-end phone models over the past few years, so increasing the battery level along with more efficient chips will bring more power to the market. gives the iPhone 15 series an even greater advantage over its competitors. In case the battery size rumors are correct, here are the probable numbers: * iPhone 15: 3,877 mAh (18% increase from 3,279 mAh on iPhone 14) * iPhone 15 Pro: 3,650 mAh ( 14% increase from 3,200 mAh on iPhone 14 Pro) * iPhone 15 Plus: 4,912 mAh (14% increase from 4,325 mAh on iPhone 14 Plus) * iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4,852 mAh (12% increase from 4,323 mAh on iPhone 14 Plus) 14 Pro Max) The above data shows that these are big improvements, especially for the standard iPhone 15 model that can feature a larger battery than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 model currently on sale has an average screen life of about 6 hours, and the new change could allow it to last up to 7 hours on the iPhone 15. With the iPhone 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max models, they also get a large duration boost. For now, most people will get an average of about 2 days of use between charges, but that could extend up to 3 days for the new battery size. This gets even better when looking at the 3nm A17 Bionic chip that will be available on high-end models with the promise of a 35% improvement in power efficiency over the A16 Bionic. Besides, with all iPhone 15 series members switching from Lightning to USB-C ports, Apple can completely increase their charging speeds with chargers with higher capacity than current.



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