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ChatGPT into Bing and Edge – Microsoft threatens Google

The “AI race” has officially begun when recently, Microsoft announced to bring of more powerful AI, developed from ChatGPT integrated into Bing and Edge. This has sounded like a threat to Google.

Just one day after Google introduced Bard to the public, the application was said to be a rival to ChatGPT, immediately, Microsoft showed how ChatGPT can threaten Google’s search segment. Microsoft and OpenAI teamed up to bring improved AI based on ChatGPT to Bing’s search engine with the ambition to threaten the dominance of Google Search.

In the early morning event at Redmond, Washington headquarters, Microsoft officially announced the upgrade of the Bing search engine and Edge browser based on the ChatGPT platform.

This is one of the software corporation’s biggest efforts to lead a new wave of technology and reshape the way users collect information over the past decade. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also confirmed that AI will change most of the company’s software portfolio in the future.

In the new Bing demo, the search results on the new Bing version will be divided into 2 parts. On one side are traditional search links and on the other are AI annotations or suggestions. In addition, another new Bing interface allows users to talk directly to the Bing chatbot, ask questions and get the same answers as with ChatGPT.

One special thing that makes Bing different from ChatGPT is that the new version of Bing can collect new information about recent events. In the product demo, the search engine even answered questions about its launch event, which has only appeared in the last few hours.

What’s more interesting is that you can summarize the content of the web page or document you are viewing and ask questions about its content, while the “editor” feature is like a writing assistant for the user, helping to create Create text snippets like emails, social media posts, etc. based on just a few suggestions.

Although users still have to wait a bit longer to access Microsoft’s new AI tools, they are showing that ChatGPT or new AI technologies are threatening Google’s position in the search market such as: how. By displaying both traditional search results in addition to suggestions from AI chatbots, Microsoft can limit the inaccuracies in chatbot answers and still be able to include ads. in your search results.

Despite the advantages of Microsoft and OpenAI when launching ChatGPT, Google is not in the uppẻ hand position and is struggling to protect its position.

Specifically, when the Chatbot Bard beta was released, this application incorrectly answered a knowledge question right in the trailer. It seemed to be just a small mistake, but immediately, Google had to pay the price when it lost $100 billion in value.

On the Google blog on February 6, CEO Sundar Pichai first introduced to the public about Bard. This is a chatbot in beta, supposed to compete with ChatGPT from OpenAI. Touted as providing “fresh, high-quality feedback”, Bard was found to have given incorrect answers on his first appearance.

Immediately, shares of the parent company Google – Alphabet fell 8% shares, equivalent to $ 100 billion. Perhaps, everything is still new, and the company has not handled it well, so now, this Chatbot Bard still has many problems, so the wrong answer is still on Google’s blog (February 9).

Responding to The Verge, a Google spokesperson said “this highlights the importance of a rigorous vetting process”. The company will launch its Trusted Testers program next week, combining external and internal feedback to ensure Bard’s answers “meet high standards for quality, safety, and reliability.” and are grounded in real-world information”.

Although the matter has not been finalized, it can be seen that ChatGPT has dealt a pretty painful blow to Google, making the big man’s position extremely shaky. The hasty launch of Chatbot Bard proves it. Let’s wait and see where this race goes and who the final “king” will be.



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